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The Problem

With significant global growth and demand for IT Services, more and more entrepreneurs are looking to start their own businesses as service providers. There is a significant opportunity to find underserved markets and build recurring revenue. To develop a business plan, founders of IT service companies need to ask themselves three fundamental questions and ensure they have solid answers before the start. 

  • Is there a demand for what I plan to offer? 
  • Can I assemble a team at a reasonable cost to deliver the service?
  • Can I make sufficient profits on this service, given the value created for clients, competition, and my cost structure?  

How partnering with ElectroNeek addresses these questions:

  1. Demand for your offering:
    • As expanding headcount becomes more cost prohibitive for your future clients, they are eager to increase investments in business automation. 
    • Since your future clients in SMB and mid-market don’t have enough resources to build expertise in Robotic Process Automation nor have IT talent on staff, they will need your services. 
    • Your best clients will leverage your services as an alternative to hiring. 
  2. No-code tools to turn your employees into automation experts:
    • Hire tech-savvy talent without prior coding experience and turn them into automation developer superstars with the easy-to-use Automation Hub.   
    • Minimize your delivery risk with Service Hub’s embedded support for your first client project.  
    • Get productized education for your tech staff that will accelerate your billing rate. 
  3. Make repeatable profits, build subscription revenue:
    • Use Business Hub to create the ultimate go-to-market machine; with prospect email sequences templates, use cases, a sales deck, and other turnkey templates. 
    • Automation of business processes is so valuable for clients that it offers a much larger average check size than other IT services. 
    • Price your services the way your want; charge hourly rates of automation professionals or offer subscriptions to bots or your services. 

Why ElectroNeek is especially attractive for new IT service businesses

  • Playbooks and templates for every step; hiring, sales, marketing, delivery support, you need it, we’ve got you covered. 
  • Ride the wave of growing demand for automation services. 80% of the RPA opportunity is in the SMB space, unlike RMM and security. 
  • The opportunity to build a significant and stable business. There is a blue ocean of opportunity for RPA and automation services serving the SMB and mid-market. 

Top 5 advantages for Automation Startups working with ElectroNeek: 

  1. Quick start your business. From the first project to building repeatable sales with our Business Hub classes and materials. 
  2. Ability to win high-margin business from your first clients.  
  3. Fast track to ultimate GTM success with sales and marketing scripts. 
  4. Provide services with a billing rate far above the IT services average.
  5. Opportunity to specialize and build a differentiated brand and secure your place in the winner’s circle as the industry matures.

Deliver world-class automation results to your clients: 

  • Easy to start:
    1. Automation Hub doesn’t require prior coding, RPA, or API automation expertise. 
    2. ElectroNeek Studio does not require any coding skills to deliver 80% of projects. 
    3. Get support for your first automation project in Service Hub. 
  • Easy to scale:
    1. Connect all your client bots to your SaaS Orchestrator for simple management and maintenance.
    2. Run multiple attended or unattended bots at no charge with the free-to-download Bot Runner.
    3. Scale up your existing technical staff to become professional RPA developers who can tackle complex cases with developer Learning Paths.    

Do you already provide automation solutions to clients but are new to RPA?   

  • Use the ElectroNeek Automation Hub to accelerate the delivery of your API- or non-API automation projects and integrations. 
  • With Business Hub, quickly upgrade your RPA sales and marketing with your existing employees. 
  • Service Hub gives you world-class support to start delivering your first RPA projects to clients.