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The Problem

IT and Managed Service Providers are always looking to add new services to their portfolio to increase revenue from their existing clients and to increase their customer base. Automation, specifically Robotic Process Automation, has been a lucrative category for IT services companies. Despite the high value for clients, it has been prohibitive for most small and medium-sized providers due to the need for experienced developers and expensive IT talent to provide such services.  

The Solution:

  1. No-code RPA Platform - Automation Hub
    • You don’t need to be a developer to deliver RPA to your clients with ElectroNeek.
    • Enterprise-grade technology capabilities are now easy to use for tech-savvy employees without coding experience.   
  2. Productized RPA Sales Enablement - Business Hub
    • Frameworks, blueprints, collateral, and templates to help you close your first deal with your existing clients.
    • Learning Paths for your salespeople to learn how to sell and shift from Time & Materials project-based deals to recurring revenue. 
    • Leverage valuable training courses for your marketing team to learn how to build demand generation and attract new customers.
    • And everything else you need for the business - agreements, proposals, sales decks, and other templates. 
  3. Support for your Service business, be a valued partner - Service Hub
    • Unlike any other RPA platform, we don’t work directly with end users. They can’t buy RPA software from us. We will never compete for customers with our partners. 
    • Work with our Service Hub to get development support for your first RPA project.

Uncover significant value by becoming an ElectroNeek customer if your business: 

  1. Has a client base to which you haven’t provided automation services in the past.
  2. Wants to build repeatable sales with a new service offering. 
  3. Wants to deliver high-value add services that don’t require experienced IT talent.

Top 5 advantages for MSPs working with ElectroNeek: 

  1. Add RPA, one of the hottest offerings, to your service portfolio. 
  2. Increase revenue from your new clients by offering them common use cases. 
  3. Specialize and find new clients through your differentiated services.
  4. Increase your standard billing rate or build subscription revenue. 
  5. Establish your own brand in the growing automation market. 

Deliver world-class automation results to your clients: 

  1. Easy to start:
    • Automation Hub doesn’t require prior coding, RPA, or API automation expertise. 
    • ElectroNeek Studio does not require any coding skills to deliver 80% of projects. 
    • Get support for your first automation project in Service Hub. 
  2. Easy to scale:
    • Connect all your client bots to your SaaS Orchestrator for simple management and maintenance.
    • Run multiple attended or unattended bots at no charge with the free-to-download Bot Runner.
    • Scale up your existing technical staff to become professional RPA developers who can tackle complex cases with developer Learning Paths. 

Do you already provide automation solutions to clients but are new to RPA?   

  • Use the ElectroNeek Automation Hub to accelerate the delivery of your API- or non-API automation projects and integrations. 
  • With Business Hub, quickly upgrade your RPA sales and marketing with your existing employees. 
  • Service Hub gives you world-class support to start delivering your first RPA projects to clients.