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The Problem

Growing number of RPA Service providers look outside of crowded enterprise markets to mid-market and SMB companies, where historically adoption of bots was low. They typically find themselves with a set of challenges that ElectroNeek with its products, unique to RPA market:

  • Struggle to build repeatable sales
  • Struggle to create significant value for customers
  • Struggle to create recurring revenue 

The Solution:

  1. Full control of pricing
    • Deliver projects on your terms. The bots built on the ElectroNeek Platform do not require a software license to run in an attended or unattended manner. Moreover, you can license them on your own terms, utilizing Automation Hub built specifically for IT Service providers.  
  2. Sales Enablement
    • You don’t need to have a single high-ROI process and invest in discovery of this process to close a client, with our Business Hub you can build GtM around common standardized cases that will provide high value to your clients and that you can scale in SMB. 
  3. Subscription revenue.
    • There is no such term as ‘bot licenses’ in our business model so you can easily enter into subscription-based service contracts or provide RPA-as-a-Service to your clients and 100% of monthly/quarterly/annual basis. From a service business perspective, it means that the universe of automatable processes is bigger and you get high check size even from small accounts, automating dozens of smaller processes. 

You will find significant value in being ElectroNeek customer if your business: 

  1. Migrates clients from Enterprise RPA solutions, like UiPath, Automation Anywhere and Blue Prism. Get more money home with each project. 
  2. Has challenges with open source RPA platforms due to their complexity and support model. Get premium support designed for IT Service providers. 
  3. Does not get empowered by your current RPA partners. Enterprise RPA partnership models are not for small and medium IT Service providers, they make the most sense for big consulting and service firms. With ElectroNeek products, you will be a valued partner no matter your company size. 

From Automation technology point of differentiation, we: 

  • Have higher no-code functionality then Enterprise RPA tools in ElectroNeek Studio
  • SaaS Orchestrator designed specifically for Service companies who work across multiple clients 
  • Our bots can be protected with technology so they can’t be modified by other parties if sold by subscription 

Advantages of working with ElectroNeek as a vendor: 

  1. Ability to profitably serve clients in SMB and Mid-Market companies 
  2. Increased profits from any RPA project 
  3. New Go-to-Market playbook with training, templates and collateral for new markets entry.
  4. Path for building recurring revenue
  5. Opportunity to build brand in new markets and capitalize on skyrocketing RPA demand among smaller companies. 

How to position ElectroNeek to your clients: 

As a fully-functional and secure platform to automate their small (compared to complex Enterprise RPA projects) processes at scale.