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The Problem

As business operations become more data-driven, the management's need for timely access to data creates a burden. Frequent periodic manual data collection from multiple on-premises web-based sources is needed. In 2022, a spreadsheet will be the primary tool for reporting and data consolidation for SMBs. Many office employees spend hours collecting data and performing repetitive actions to create reports. Business owners use spreadsheets for planning purposes and allocate time for their employees to organize and format the data points manually. 


Building a report requires significant manual effort from employees. Many businesses establish periodic reporting cycles that avoid burdening employees. But these do not serve the company's best interest because the reporting is not provided often enough.  RPA can construct efficient reporting workflows that help employees stay focused on their core competencies and enhance overall efficiency.

The Solution

The bots built on the ElectroNeek Platform replicate user actions for any repeatable data collection from any digital source, whether a spreadsheet, SaaS tool, or a PDF document in a local folder. There are no limits; the same bot can perform rule-based analysis on the gathered data, format output, and produce complex reports. 

Advantages of the Solution: 

  1. Quickly build using drag-and-drop functionality
  2. Work with any data source, online or local
  3. Perform mathematical actions on the gathered data and conduct rule-based analysis
  4. Produce reports of any kind - spreadsheets, documents, and PDFs.
  5. Upload the selected data from a report to any system
  6. Automatically distribute reports through a communication channel such as an email or Slack message
  7. Quickly deploy on the client or the IT service’s infrastructure

Client Benefits:

  1. No more manual reporting
  2. Increased reporting speed and accuracy
  3. Enables swift reporting from legacy IT systems and unlocks automatic data capture from SaaS tools with limited API
  4. It lets you allocate human resources to more valuable tasks

Types of reports created with RPA bots: 

  • Project Management Reports
  • Sales Reports 
  • Digital Marketing Reports 
  • Social Media Reports 
  • Operations Reports 
  • Quarterly/Annual Reports