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The Problem

Prospecting for customers often requires collecting data from multiple online sources and building a spreadsheet with relevant information such as email, LinkedIn account, and business address. In many modern companies, data collection and manipulation take more time than actual communication with prospects unless such companies buy expensive B2B customer databases like Zoominfo, which can be costly or even prohibitive for some organizations from a cost perspective. 


Sales enablement provides a business's sales team with the tools and information to identify prospective customers and close them efficiently. 

The Solution

Bots built on the ElectroNeek Platform open a browser and perform a search in one or more prospecting tools based on criteria specified by the user. For instance, it can create a list of all SMB accounts in the state of Arizona that work in Construction and have grown headcount by more than 25% over the last two months using the web interface of LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Then the same bot can download data to a local spreadsheet and then go to another web-based tool to find business emails of CEOs of companies listed in the sheet. Such a bot, for instance, can then upload all relevant gathered info to a CRM or an outreach tool for Sales Development Representatives to start making calls. 

Advantages of the Solution: 

  1. Quickly build using drag-and-drop functionality
  2. Works with any online tool, even if the tool’s vendor limits its native connectivity/automation capabilities
  3. Replicates any repeatable process in a browser
  4. Quickly moves data between web-based prospecting tools and local/online spreadsheets
  5. Easy to maintain as the bot can automatically handle many layout/interface changes
  6. Flexible - easy to adjust the process in the future, if needed, doesn’t depend on API changes
  7. Easy to deploy on client or IT Service IT infrastructure

Client Benefits: 

  1. Significant savings on expensive B2B databases 
  2. Faster gathering of key information needed for prospecting 
  3. Automatic updates of existing internal contact databases (are your prospects still with the same companies based on their LinkedIn profile?) 
  4. No error due to manual data extraction
  5. Allows to allocate sales employees to more value-adding tasks like communication with prospects 

Popular services that are touched by Sales Enablement bots: 

  1. LinkedIn
  2. Zoominfo 
  3. Clearbit
  4. People Data Labs 
  5. Demandbase
  6. LeadGenius
  7. FullContact
  8. Fiind
  9. Salesgenie
  10. Rocketreach