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The Problem

The number of IT tools and web-based services used by modern employees is rising. Organizations face the challenge of efficiently managing user accounts, permissions, and access levels. When an employee is onboarding, this process requires significant time to create credentials in the multiple tools used on the job. Automating this process end-to-end saves a considerable amount of time.


Automation enables tasks to become less technical, as all repeatable actions related to the account a bot handles tasks. As a result, management can focus on more strategic functions.

The Solution

The bots built on the ElectroNeek Platform replicate admin and user actions for any repeatable scenario related to new account creation and permission management. Once user parameters like email address and role type are captured by the bot from a credential management tool, it automatically will add a new user to all required apps and services.

Advantages of the Solution: 

  1. Quickly build using drag-and-drop functionality
  2. No limits on the number of apps or their native connectivity
  3. Works with any legacy software
  4. Automates lengthy provisioning tasks
  5. No special pay-per-user software is needed on the client side
  6. Flexible - easy to adjust the processing logic

Client Benefits:

  1. No more manual bulk credentials management
  2. Increased onboarding speed and accuracy
  3. Allows to allocate IT resources to more valuable tasks