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Boost Your Insurance Businesses with IntelliDocs

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Your business encounters a growing volume of documents, like ACORD forms, KYC and vehicle paperwork, with 80%+ of your most important business data sitting inside them.

IntelliDocs is an Intelligent Document Processing product capable to automatically recognize these digital documents, understand their types and extract key information to automatically enter in any software. No human involvement required.

Why IntelliDocs?

Instant document processing

Save time, resources, and avoid manual mistakes when entering or copy-pasting data from documents.

Ready to go

IntelliDocs doesn't require any technical background in order to process documents, it s out of the box solution with 1100+ AI-trained models.

Easy to Integrate

Send documents through API (Application Programming Interface) or automate data entry with ElectroNeek no-code tools.

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4 easy ways to use IntelliDocs

CRM Integration

Integrate IntelliDocs with CRM to automate data extraction from ACORD forms, Mass Mutual forms, and insurance cards for accurate customer management.

Policy Management Integration

Streamline policy processing by integrating IntelliDocs with the policy management system, automating data extraction from ACORD forms, Mass Mutual forms, and insurance cards.

Claims Management Integration

Automate data extraction from ACORD forms and bank forms by integrating IntelliDocs with the claims
management system, improving efficiency and accuracy.

Customer Onboarding Platform Integration

Automate data extraction from KYC forms and identification documents by integrating IntelliDocs
with the onboarding platform, improving efficiency and compliance.

Case Study

Insurance Company: 250 employees, $50M annual revenue

IntelliDocs was successfully implemented at the insurance company to automate the processing of
policy documents, extracting critical data, resulting in substantial process time savings of up to 40%.

Integrated with the existing insurance management system led to an overall operational efficiency increase of up to 15%. This implementation resulted in the elimination of manual effort equivalent to 5 full time employees (FTEs).