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Make Automation your business strategy

Every day your employees spend hours of time on repetitive, rule-based actions between software products like PSA and RMM systems. Your systems are integrated, but even if you are happy with their connectivity your teams still have significant time on routine that can in fact be automated to reduce human involvement to approval or review processes only. We bet you do not understand the extent to which automation can be applied to your business operations but we are here to help. We work with MSP vendors like Connectwise, Kaseya, Acronis, Pax8 and others to deliver pre-built automations that you can start using today in your MSPs.

How it works?

ElectroNeek is an Intelligent Automation Platform for MSPs to build bots that replicate human actions on the level of User Interface and APIs to turn any rule-based process into an executable workflow that your employees can run on their local machines or on a server. In July 2023, CRN magazine named ElectroNeek Innovation winner in IT Automation tools for MSPs.

Why should MSP Founders and CEOs care?

  • Efficient revenue growth with higher resource utilization
  • Be faster to deliver, quicker to respond to incidents to win clients from competitors
  • Increased shareholder value, should you enter into M&A.

PSA Data Integration

  • Address connectivity gaps: Connect your PSA software to anything, even without API, addressing automation gaps that create manual work
  • Automate routine activities: Build custom workflows inside PSA on the GUI level with any process logic complexity and attack any volume of work
  • Build the reporting you want: Instantly generate time-consuming reports on services and ticket
  • Enforce data integrity and compliance: Reconcile data between PSA and 3rd party solutions
  • Eliminate 90% of routine operations between PSA and other systems
  • Improve business margin by 20%
  • Enable instant reporting that matches your business needs
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Customer Support

  • Automate ticket creation and synchronization: create tickets from any trigger like email or online source, reconcile the data between any systems and tool
  • Accelerate ticket processing: Classify and route the appropriate group/queue of the ticket with AI-powered data parsing
  • Address clients' issues quicker: Automate simple resolutions like server restart, application restart, password reset, disk clean-up, etc
  • Conduct continuous audits of service tickets: Identifying outliers like tickets closed in minutes to improve billing/reporting accuracy
  • Improve quality of service and client satisfaction, decreasing churn by 50%
  • Save up to 40% of Turnaround time by removing manual processing of routine tickets,
  • Never miss a ticket
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User Onboarding

  • Streamline employee Onboarding and Offboarding: Automatically create or delete accounts in systems of choice based on custom roles and access right
  • Automate access management: Grant/revoke access to a shared folder, printers, database, software like HRMS, SVN, Salesforce, etc
  • Improve roles maintenance: Ensure control and modification of distribution list, groups and access rights across any software stack
  • Deliver better service: Enable almost instantaneous response to business user requests
  • Reduce time spend on account creation and access rights by 95%
  • Onboard users 10x faster
  • Improve security compliance with instant access rights management
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Billing and Invoicing

  • Reconcile data on usage-based products between vendors and client billing: Automatically collect and validate data on usage to address gaps in API data availability and quality
  • Eliminate hundreds of invoice pages: Transform one-line item or other rigid invoices from vendors and build summarized invoice based on common business logic
  • Reconcile data between service reports and billing: Ensure accurate billing without manual reviews and updates
  • Automate bulk Finance operations in PSA and marketplaces: Instantly create bulk quotes, purchase orders and invoices
  •  Eliminate 2+ FTE days of monthly billing routine
  • Achieve 100% accuracy in billing for usage-based products
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Security Orchestration and Automation

  • Integrate security stack and keep a single version of truth: Automatically collect statuses and data from all EDR and SIEM to improve visibility and enrich alerts, monitor for events and conduct health checks
  • Accelerate user onboarding: Automatically install required security and backup software on managed devices
  • Eliminate security service routine: Conduct periodic backup of the databases, file servers, manage virtual machines, auto-remediate simple incidents, etc
  • Improve efficiency of security operations by 30%
  • Decrease manual efforts for monitoring and compliance workflows by 50%
  • Decrease incident response time by 70%
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Why ElectroNeek?

Easy to use

Your own employees can automate with no- code and AI or we help you get started

Leader in automation capabilities

Graphic User Interface, 2FA, APIs, local or cloud deployment + self- building bots with AI

Trusted and Secure

SOC2 Compliance Enterprise-grade architecture trusted by Fortune 500 clients

Why now?

There is no better time to make automation your business strategy than 2023 because of AI making it much easier to develop and deploy complex automation like intelligent ticket processing and auto remediation of simple issues.

We are leading Robotic Process Automation platform in AI category because we are pioneers of making it easier to build bots with AI, due our deep expertise in automation technologies and partnership with OpenAI.