ElectroNeek received ‘Best Ease of Use’ Award in Capterra

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    Recently ElectroNeek Robotics has been recognized as the easiest-to-use RPA platform for business users by Capterra’s verified users.

    Capterra, the leading online resource for business software buyers, awarded ElectroNeek with ‘Best Ease of Use’ and ‘Best Value’ titles given by verified reviewers. They recognized ElectroNeek as significantly impactful to their business.

    ElectroNeek continues supporting companies that strive to implement RPA solutions without extensive timely and financial costs. ElectroNeek robots can be deployed in-house, with the help of an internal IT team or Citizen Automators. Earlier this summer, G2 placed ElectroNeek as one of the Top-3 RPA vendors in the US.

    About Capterra

    Capterra is the leading online resource for business software buyers. Founded in 1999, Capterra features validated user reviews and independent research across hundreds of software categories. From Accounting to Yoga Studio Management, Capterra covers it all. Each month, Capterra helps more than three million buyers find the right software. Capterra is a Gartner company.

    Why do company trust ElectroNeek?

    Apart from being the easiest to use RPA tool ElectroNeek has earned its credibility due to the number of other benefits:

    1. Scalability

    ElectroNeek customers vary from SMEs to large corporations, such as Softline and Electrolux.

    Among the industries where the company is successfully implemented are:

    2. Affordable pricing and free bonuses

    The 3 packages of pricing prove flexibility:

    Free offerings: unlimited free bots in Enterprise package, 14 days trial, product tour and online training

    3. End-to-end solution

    ElectroNeek is an end-to-end solution with a well thought-out customized functionality

    ElectroNeek is compatible with

    Key components:

    Automation Hub – Management suite with suggested automation opportunities and benefits

    People Dashboard – Analytical tool for automation scope estimation

    Studio – Automated workflows creation

    Robot – Task execution

    Orchestrator – Workflow governance tool

    You can find out more on ElectroNeek advanced features in our latest Phoenix release video:

    For those seeking more details on the platform, we have a free demo session with the ElectroNeek RPA experts. Book a demo to enjoy automation today!