ElectroNeek’s Team: a Success Story of one of the First Employees

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“ElectroNeek helped me discover who I am as a professional and excel in what I do.”

Founded in 2019 by RPA industry veterans, ElectroNeek has become one of the fastest-growing RPA platforms in 2021. Now with over 100 employees and 250 clients in 30+ countries, ranging from Fortune 500 and global consulting firms to MSPs of all sizes, adoption of the ecosystem is growing exponentially every day. 

In 2021 G2 has named ElectroNeek a Momentum Leader for four quarters in a row.

ElectroNeek thoroughly selects employees for all the markets: North America, India, and CIS. Only two years ago, the company’s team contained only ten people, and today more than a hundred team members are working at ElectroNeek. Despite the active growth, the focus of all team members on leading the market has remained unchanged.

With this article, we want to launch a new category in our blog and tell you more about the ElectroNeek team, our colleagues who drive the company’s growth and significantly impact everyday work. 

The first article is devoted to George Melikhov – one of the first employees at ElectroNeek.

George answered the questions of Elena Koltsova, representative of ElectroNeek’s PR department. They talked about the IT path, corporate culture, processes, and future of RPA technologies.

How it all started

George Melikhov started at ElectroNeek when he was a student. Now he is only 24 and already an owner of the company’s shares, and is the youngest Head of Product Development among all RPA companies in the world. His team is responsible for the product and determines the direction of the platform’s development, one of the most critical areas of work that influences the success of all other processes.

How have you started your career in IT? 

Going back to my childhood, I would say that I always was an excellent student, big music lover, and football fan. When it came to entering university, I chose technology as a promising and exciting field in Bauman Moscow State Technical University, one of the country’s leading technical universities.

Was it easy to find a specific area of interest in IT? 

I can say it was not me but ElectroNeek who found me as a specialist. I’ve already tried to work in several tech companies. When I got an interview invitation from ElectroNeek, I knew nothing about the technology and the company itself.

RPA was new and known only among some developers and MSPs. During the interview, Sergey Yudovsky, CEO of ElectroNeek, told me more about RPA, revealed its scaling opportunities and its vast range of functions.

George at Bauman Moscow State Technical University

George is one of the few employees who has seen all the stages of ElectroNeek’s growth, from a small startup to an internationally recognized RPA vendor with a $100 million valuation.

Do you remember the first version of the ElectroNeek platform?

The first version of ElectroNeek was very different from what the platform is today. Back then, it had basic functionality and an inconspicuous interface. But this fact couldn’t stop me from doing my tasks well. I don’t know why but there was no doubt that success was just around the corner.

“They say that if you want to have a rest, then change something in your life. From this perspective, we had a rest every day.”

What was your most challenging project at ElectroNeek so far? 

Every day we did so many things that I can’t clearly remember the names of all the projects we executed. The hardest thing for me was to adapt to the fast-changing structure of work. During the first few months, I tried various tasks: from design and marketing to coding.

They say that if you want to have a rest, then change something in your life. From this perspective, we had a rest every day. 

How has the company changed since you have been with ElectroNeek?

Almost everything has changed during these two years: an approach to product development, motivation, goals, strategy. The approach to development used to be more chaotic; new features appeared almost every day.

The company now adheres to long-term planning following business goals and positioning. Each update is released to address a specific issue. The company looks deep into the insights and needs of MSPs and adds new tools and features with each release.

Is there anything that remains the same? 

The atmosphere and the team spirit remained the same. Every employee can freely express their points of view, deliver their ideas for improvement and innovation to any manager or founders of the company and be sure that their opinion is heard and taken into account. If an idea is deemed worthwhile, it will be implemented.

ElectroNeek uniqueness

‘From a product development strategy to implementing a new business model that disrupts the market, ElectroNeek’s team is not afraid to think outside the box and be the pioneers in everything they do.’ 

ElectroNeek successfully closed the investment round. What do you think is the main advantage of the company for the investors? 

From a product development strategy to implementing a new business model that disrupts the market, ElectroNeek’s team is not afraid to think outside the box and be the pioneers in everything they do. 

For example, a free bot licenses offering has become a unique solution for the market. We have made a complex and expensive technology available to any company.

Tell us more about the ElectroNeek team. What makes it unique?

I have often seen companies where managers talk a lot about mission and values, but everyone is gossiping and prying on each other.

We are not so good at throwing words about values ​​and missions, but what we are really good at is at building a team that feels like a family. I have never seen anyone from ElectroNeek’s team being discouraged or demotivated. Everyone is fully supportive of each other and dedicated to the common goal. 

It is an excellent opportunity to communicate with people from other countries, broaden your mind, and speak different languages. We share photos of our pets in the chat section on Fridays; my cat and dog are always there.

Corporate culture

“At ElectroNeek, every employee feels like a trusted expert and is motivated to take the initiative in their function.”

What do you like the most about ElectroNeek’s corporate culture?

Trust. At ElectroNeek, every employee feels like a trusted expert and is motivated to take the initiative in their function.

The company provides unlimited opportunities. We have a transparent assessment system and a stock options model, which is an additional motivation for all of us.

ElectroNeek’s entire team works remotely from all around the globe. What does your usual routine look like?

I try to set the priorities within a day so that I don’t miss important tasks.

My regular morning starts with checking emails, messengers, and a walk with my dog. Then I perform the bulk of tasks that require involvement and focus. At the end of the day I walk my dog again, but this time I allow myself to be distracted from work and relax.

George’s pets

I believe remote work requires a little more effort for structured self-management. Understanding that other people’s work depends on my work helped me organize my WFH routine and follow it. 

There are a lot of talks nowadays about successful companies, motivation, team spirit. ElectroNeek is a company where every employee recognizes a personal responsibility for the outcome with no total control and strict management. Here everyone works hard to contribute to the common goal and doesn’t mind sharing a photo of a pet or a funny meme as a part of the process. ElectroNeek is a standing illustration of a digitally transformed work culture. 

Has your life changed from the moment you’ve joined ElectroNeek?

My life has changed 180 degrees. Before ElectroNeek, I had no idea in which direction I wanted to grow. During my work, I gained confidence in myself as a specialist. One of the primary skills transferred from work to personal life is decomposing complex tasks into simple steps, let’s say making a zoom-out. The above skillset helps me find a way out of any situation.

Product development approach

George’s department is the center of evolution for all ElectroNeek’s products. Each team member is pro-actively engaged in the process, and the work implies interchangeability.

“We are a linking bridge to all departments across the company and address various needs: business challenges, customer requests, and technical requirements.”

Tell us more about your department: how do you interact, what kind of tasks do you solve?

In general, I can say that our department performs an essential function. We are, in fact, a linking bridge to all departments across the company and address various needs: business challenges, customer requests, and technical requirements. We need to consider all the wishes and evaluate their feasibility in terms of technology. 

Hence, my colleagues and I need to fully understand business processes and the company strategy, including product development, marketing, and sales strategy. I should admit that it is a challenging but exciting task!

We often support colleagues by conducting product training for employees of other departments and answering customer questions that come to the marketing or sales department.

How do you understand which function needs to be implemented in the product?

Some of the suggestions for improvements come from the company’s management or from sales managers who work with clients on a daily basis. First, we try to understand what clients want to see, and then we evaluate our capabilities for meeting the client’s demands.

In addition, every day, we conduct our research, look at what is trending now, analyze the successful cases of competitors, and think about whether our platform needs such functions. We go through customer journeys or work with the platform to understand what can be done better.

The customer support department received many interesting ideas and questions, and the goal of our department is to study these ideas and suggest improvements to the ElectroNeek products.

What is the most challenging part of your department’s work?

The hardest part is ensuring backward compatibility. What does it mean? When we work on a new feature, there is a great temptation to think only about new features and new users. But we have a large pool of clients who have been with us for a long time. They have their bots on the platform, and by introducing changes to our system, we need to be sure that their bots will perform as well as they did before the update. Previously when we rolled out releases too often, we did not always have time to track bugs and consider all the minor nuances.

We have moved to the rolling out of big releases only once a quarter, so there is a lot of time to provide our regular customers with the stably operating system once the update is live.

“I like the approach to releases now. We understand the global vision and the strategy. Based on it, we improve the product, and users immediately notice its growth, so they look forward to each release and understand its importance. “

How many releases have the company rolled out within the past year?

Last year, before we switched to major quarterly releases, we rolled out dozens of releases; a new version was being released every two weeks.

Now we roll out major releases that include a whole new bunch of solutions for the customers, and by doing so, we significantly improve usability and customer satisfaction. I like the approach to releases now. We understand the global vision and the strategy. Based on this, we improve the product, and users immediately notice its evolution, so they look forward to each release and understand its importance.

The Future of ElectroNeek

“I am confident that going forward, our company will get more awards and broader market recognition.”

Now ElectroNeek is developing at a swift pace; in just 2 years, the company has become a globally recognized vendor.

How do you see the future of the company?

From the outside, our success may seem surprising. But from the inner look, it is clear that it is not about luck but about the hard work and joint efforts that are put in by the whole team day by day. We are all in the same boat, moving towards new achievements. 

Now we can say that we are no longer a small startup but a successful company with a clear strategy for years to come. We are growing very quickly; I can hardly track all the new colleagues – every day, there are new employees that are onboarded for the brand new functions. I am sure that the company will receive even more awards and market recognition going forward.

Rapid-fire questions

What advice would you give to the newbies at ElectroNeek?

If you joined ElectroNeek, stay open and honest. If something is not working for you or you doubt the results of the tasks, don’t be afraid to talk about it. If you have any suggestions on how to do it better, speak up. Don’t worry if you don’t have enough skills; you will learn everything over time!

How would you explain the RPA-technology to someone who is far from tech? 

I always give a simple example. Imagine that you receive a report every morning, download it, look at certain indicators, check them, and fill out a form with the required data. There is a process that is performed according to a particular algorithm, without creativity. RPA can easily automate such a process. 

Previously, to build a bot, you needed programmers. RPA has lowered the threshold for entering this technology. Anyone with basic development skills can now build a bot and automate the process.

What is the future of RPA?

I’m sure that RPA will become the new black for businesses of all sizes, and it will be developing together with other technologies, for example, artificial intelligence.

How would you describe ElectroNeek in 3 words?

Openness, intelligence, growth.

What are your plans for the upcoming year?

I go from game to game, like in football, I do not think about the future much. I set goals only for the nearest future. I start my working day with joy, support my favorite football teams, walk my dog in any weather, listen to music and enjoy the moment.

Can you call yourself a happy person?

George is a fan of the Locomotive Moscow football club

Well, I am a happy camper! I can’t say that I never felt unhappy. Of course, there are moments of sadness when something goes wrong, but it does not affect my mood significantly. I strive to have an optimistic approach to everything in my life. 

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