Top 4 Robotic Process Automation Free Courses on Udemy

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    Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is still a relatively new technology for most of the business world, so training sessions and online courses are essential to be used for a smooth implementation process.

    With the rise of its popularity, many companies, including RPA vendors, started creating training series and educational courses in order to give a better understanding of the fundamental characteristics of RPA. Udemy, one of the most popular platforms for online training in programming, finance, marketing, photography, and more, offers a wide range of RPA related courses.

    We chose four free, instructor-led courses that can be useful to anyone who wants to learn basics about Robotic Process Automation.

    Free Udemy courses about RPA

    1. Exploring RPA: what is RPA and how does it work? – ElectroNeek RPA

    This course explores the basic concepts of RPA and how it helps companies and employees all around the world. It will be useful for a broad audience, including business people, students, IT-specialists, and those willing to learn something new.

    Requirements: No special skills or knowledge are required for course participants.

    2. Beginners guide to RPA – Automation Anywhere

    At this moment, it is the most popular free course about RPA on Udemy. The goal of this course is to help users see the big picture of RPA and prepare for building software robots using Automation Anywhere.

    Requirements: No special skills or knowledge are required for course participants.

    3. Complete UiPath Bootcamp For Absolute Beginners

    UiPath has several courses about Robotic Process Automation. Still, this one is created particularly for anyone who is planning to start his a career as an RPA Professional and don’t know where to start correctly.


    4. Building complex RPA bot in 10 steps with ElectroNeek RPA

    This course is a bit different from those mentioned above because it describes not only the theoretical side of Robotic process Automation implementation but also demonstrates a step-by-step guide to creating an efficient RPA bot.

    The most popular questions that real RPA developers face while creating a bot are covered in also this course. The students can replicate all the steps without any specific knowledge. All required input data is provided and explained in detail.

    Requirements: No special skills or knowledge are required for course participants.

    Online education is an excellent tool for anyone who wants to learn about modern technologies, and the best part is that it doesn’t have to be expensive. You can build a knowledge base about RPA with these free online courses, and if you still have questions, make sure to reach out to our automation expert.

    Happy Automation!