RPA for Developers: How to automate document recognition using OCR

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    ElectroNeek RPA can help you speed up tasks related to document recognition and data extraction. Our bots can automatically recognize data from scanned files, PDFs, images, etc. and enter it in an Excel file, database, some service or anywhere else you need it.

    Automate Document Recognition Using OCR

    In this example, our bot will search for scanned ACORD 25 insurance forms in a folder, recognize the data and save it to an Excel file.

    sertificat of liability insurance
    Form example

    The bot looks for files in a folder, loops through them, recognizing all the data from scanned forms, extracts data and saves it in a results folder in an Excel file.

    Document Recognition bot scheme

    This loop can be easily tweaked to gather information from other documents and compare the data from multiple different forms for the same individual. For example, the bot could automatically check that the full name listed across formal documents is the same.

    Document Recognition Using OCR Results example
    Results example

    If you want to learn which processes in your workflow could be automated today, reach out to our automation expert.