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RPA 101: How RPA reduces operational costs

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More and more enterprises these days address Robotic process automation (RPA) software with an ultimate goal to speed up processes and make operations more cost-effective.

In this article we will take a closer look at RPA and see how actually bots reduce operational costs.

Cost reduction has always been a big buzz topic, especially in the times where uncertainty prevail in almost each area of life. In this regard Robotic Process Automation is an effective tool for workflow optimization that allows business to place the bright minds from team directly to the business processes where they can be the most useful right now by automating time-consuming front- and back-office operations with data. Let your team do more for your business by doing the less of the routine tasks.

RPA also enables you to reduce the employee time needed to perform stable, rule-based business processes. For instance, instead of manually entering the client’s data into an Excel Spreadsheet for a couple of hours, your employee can set up a bot to do the task and stay focused on strategic and higher-value analytical procedures.

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Enterprises often worry they will have to make significant changes to IT infrastructure to accommodate RPA, but it is actually the opposite. Programmed robots efficiently work alongside existing infrastructure, governed and controlled by IT department so there's no need for big changes. RPA mimics the actions that people do in front of a computer using a mouse and a keyboard to do daily office tasks like extracting information from an invoice or contract and entering data to a spreadsheet or CRM system (Salesforce).

For instance, ElectroNeek is focused on the needs of IT professionals, so even junior IT specialists can use it to build powerful automations in days. A single automated process with ElectroNeek can generate $100k-$250k in business impact due to significant time savings on the execution of repetitive tasks (bots work 10-100x faster than employees) and taking the human out of the loop.

Unlike all other Robotic Process Automation vendors, we let customers automate as many processes as they want and run them concurrently, driving scaling costs to $0 (other vendors will charge for each procedure you automate and run simultaneously).

To learn more about other benefits of RPA implementation, reach out to our automation experts.

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