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RPA 101: What is OCR?

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Optical character recognition (OCR) is the extraction of data from scanned files and PDFs and its transformation into machine-encoded text. OCR is an area of research in artificial intelligence, pattern recognition, and machine vision.

The sources of data might vary from scanned documents, and photos of a report, to subtitle text superimposed on an image, and PDF files. For instance, passport documents, invoices, bank statements, digital receipts, business cards, mail, or any other type of printed documentation.

OCR is extensively used as a form of data entry from printed data records. This technology allows people to digitize data for increased productivity.

How OCR can be used

  • The combination of OCR + RPA allows you to redirect employees from routine tasks to analytical assignments and to earn more money through company growth rather than increasing the number of employees.
  • Using OCR, ElectroNeek can recognize and read information from accounts, invoices, contracts, tables, and other financial documents and can automatically enter it into the corporate systems of your enterprise – Salesforce or others. It can also prepare financial transactions, build or update Excel tables, send messages to Outlook, and perform almost any other office routine.

To learn more about OCR, reach out to our automation experts.

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