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‘RPA 101’: What is Orchestrator?

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Orchestrator is a single control room that allows you to schedule and launch bots on desktop and virtual machines, build sequences, control bot status, and analyze the results of their work.

ElectroNeek Orchestrator is one of the most intuitive RPA admin and control room in the market.

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According to the HfS Research with KPMG, State of Intelligent Automation, only 13% of respondents have managed to scale Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in their companies, and Deloitte notes that only 3% of projects have achieved substantial scale. 

This is a common issue for enterprises striving to implement automation into the workflow. After the pilot process, it might seem like too much effort to automate another process and scale automation within the department or the whole company. Orchestrator is the tool that lets you see all the attended and unattended bots in one place, elevating the scaling of RPA. The best part is that you don’t have to be experienced in coding to successfully operate Orchestrator.

Benefits of using RPA Orchestrator 

Orchestrator lets you easily integrate with your favorite business software and third-party applications for the most effective automation
Unless deployed on premises, Orchestrator is available in cloud and can be accessed via a variety of devices, including mobile
Bot management
Scheduling unattended bots frees people from tedious tasks and allows them to focus on more ROI-driven tasks while bots execute the automation
Orchestrator tracks and logs every robot’s action, along with everything people do with robots so that you can keep compliant and secure
By allowing users to manage all Robots in one place, bot orchestration takes away common issues that often impede automation scaling.

Why ElectroNeek Orchestrator?

We know that one-size-fits-all solutions do not work in business environments. So we built ElectroNeek for you to tailor its capabilities to your unique business needs.

  • ElectroNeek Orchestrator is a single web service that allows users to monitor, schedule and effectively control workflow execution by all unattended bots and add new ElectroNeek Robots anytime they are needed.
  • Easy to set up and admin. The biggest tech marketplace, G2, awarded ElectroNeek with “Ease of Setup” and “Ease of Admin” RPA solution statuses in 2020.
  • Compliant with enterprise security standards. ElectroNeek is committed to user data security and aims to meet generally accepted international ISO/IEC 2700 security standards. 
  • Orchestration allows you to unlock the synergies between automated processes, build sequences and get even more benefits from automation with the ElectroNeek platform.

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