The Future of Automation Business : Fireside Chat with ElectroNeek Executives

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In August 2021, ahead of ElectroNeek’s Summer’21 release, the company hosted a virtual fireside chat session to divulge the vision for the changing Robotic Process Automation market and what’s coming next for the automation business in the next decade. They focus on taking advantage and joining the RPA race right now to make a real positive impact, as RPA is the future.

See the full version of this chat by clicking on the embedded video below:

Dmitry Karpov and Keith Abramson on the Future of Automation Business

Dmitry Karpov, ElectroNeek’s co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer, sat down with Keith Abramson, Vice President of Global Sales, to have an insightful discussion. They conversed about how the emerging class of automation entrepreneurs dreams big, opening a blue ocean of business opportunities that are powerful yet complex hyper-automation technologies. 

Keith and Dmitry discussed significant innovation drivers in the Automation-as-a-Service industry and customer megatrends that affect solution providers’ business. Additionally, they navigate through many current perceptions of RPA and the pitfalls that MSPs often face. 

The participants dove deeper into why ElectroNeek focuses on the needs of Managed Service Providers and how the Summer’21 release supports the company mission and gives MSPs the instruments to run better and manage their automation business effectively.

The whole conversation derived great insights into the focus of ElectroNeek, which is our MSP partners’ success in delivering high-end automation to their end-users. Very few such vendors are available in the market, making ElectroNeek a unique provider that has helped many existing MSP partners succeed and gain more business through our well-established networks and new RPA tools. 

If you are an MSP looking to improve and scale your business to the next level and want to learn more about partnering with ELectroNeek and the benefit of our new release, please get in touch with our support team for a demonstration.

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