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Starting an RPA Profession: Certification

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With the increased use of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in many companies, a career in this field seems very attractive. This technology transforms the way people work by taking over many time-consuming and repetitive processes in various business functions. Given its scope and expansion in many industries, RPA has grown in popularity. Is it worth moving to start a profession in RPA? Absolutely yes, because this technology is creating job opportunities with a career progression.

Considering the current climate, experience with RPA tools will soon become more sought after, which is why this article is for professionals and students who are not familiar with the market but want to start a career in RPA due to its promising outlook. We will also discuss the best RPA training and certification course to teach RPA enthusiasts what they want to learn about this technology and start an RPA profession confidently.

Is RPA difficult to learn for professionals without a developer's background?

The knowledge and expertise in programming languages will be advantageous to start your profession in RPA. RPA mainly deals with the automation of user interfaces of an app used on a device, so you should understand various UI components of applications. Additionally, there may be some scenarios where you will be required to perform some coding work. For instance, if an RPA tool is not working and requires some scripting. An RPA system has various components, and some of these are not UI-based (database packaging, web services, etc.)

Though RPA is not language-dependent, some knowledge of coding and scripting is a plus to succeed in this profession. A professional who has learned programming would have developed the art of logical and analytical reasoning and problem-solving–the essential requirement for RPA. 

The best Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Certification to start your RPA career

Many RPA courses promise to teach professionals everything about this technology; a certification offered directly by an RPA vendor will cover all the practical modules and provide hands-on training with the RPA tools.

While there are very few certifications offered directly by an RPA vendor, the certification offered by ElectroNeek will help you know how to successfully develop high-in-demand RPA skills and grow your career in this field.

ElectroNeek RPA Certification

ElectroNeek is an award-winning intelligent automation company hailed as an RPA market leader by G2. ElectroNeek's interactive online platform "The ElectroNeek Academy" offers various modules from automaton basics to experienced-level design developed by industry experts. The academy aims to help professionals improve their RPA skills, help them find business automation opportunities, and successfully implement and scale RPA initiatives in their businesses.

You will gain essential knowledge of the RPA lifecycle– from bot design to deployment, and learn RPA implementation with cognitive automation and analytics. You can trust this certification as ElectroNeek is an automation company backed by Y-Combinator, and develops RPA tools to automatically discover, assess, and automate repetitive and tedious business processes. 

ElectroNeek's RPA certification covers vital concepts and helps you develop an RPA solution and perform image and text automation. It includes real-life industry use cases and topics such as:

  • The emergence of RPA.
  • Evolution of RPA.
  • Future of RPA.
  • Differentiating RPA from Automation.
  • Areas of Application of RPA.
  • RPA Development Methodology.
  • Deploying and planning for bot execution.
  • Skills in RPA, cognitive intelligence, and RPA analysis, and many more.

The certification has been designed for both novice and experienced users, RPA developers, and students looking to start a career in automation. Every module in the program covers various projects involving identifying business processes for automation and creating software robots. You will develop skills related to robotic process automation, cognitive intelligence, and RPA analysis.

This RPA certification is for:

  • RPA developers.
  • IT professionals.
  • Managed Service Providers (MSPs).
  • Individual students/RPA enthusiasts.
  • Business users.

List of ElectroNeek Academy Courses

1. ElectroNeek Ecosystem Introduction Course: The goal behind this course is to provide training on the basics of technology, top indicators of automation-prone processes, and common use cases. The introduction to ElectroNeek's activity and its ecosystem of hyper-automation products.

Duration: 3 hours.

Training mode: Online.

2. ElectroNeek Studio Pro: Features Overview: This course offers an introduction of main groups of automation activities in Studio Pro.

Duration: 8 hours.

Training mode: Online.

3. ElectroNeek Studio Pro User: Basic Level: This module contains 9 courses and introduces users to the basics of using the ElectroNeek Studio Pro and working with simple automation activities: First steps to use the ElectroNeek Studio Pro and basic settings; Basic principles of building a workflow; Practical skills of working with the basic automation activities. Learners will be taught:

  • How to start using the ElectroNeek Studio Pro
  • Workflow Logic
  • Variables
  • Filesystem
  • Building bots using a clipboard
  • Building bots using images
  • Building bots for Desktop Apps
  • Building bots for Web Browser (Google Chrome)
  • Building bots using Human in the loop

Duration: 4 hours.

Training mode: Online.

4. ElectroNeek Studio Pro User: Intermediate Level: This course introduces the principles of building a workflow based on the calculated value, specified conditions, a set of repeating actions, logic of JS using, and working with an array. Users will also gain practical skills of using the automation activities within the ElectroNeek Studio Pro. There are 13 courses in this bundle:

  • Workflow Logic (Calculated value, Conditions, Do-while loop)
  • Filesystem
  • Building bots using the element location and coordinates
  • Building bots for Desktop Apps
  • Building bots for Web Browser (Chrome)
  • Building bots for Microsoft Word
  • Building bots using Strings
  • Building bots for Dates and Time
  • Building bots for Data tables
  • Building bots for Microsoft Excel
  • Building bots for Google Sheets
  • Building bots for PDF files
  • Building bots using OCR technology

Duration: 4 hours.

Training mode: Online.

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ElectroNeek Academy Certificate

Benefits of selecting the ElectroNeek RPA Certification for Beginners

  • You will receive training from actual practitioners of this technology to help you start your career in RPA.
  • You will get the opportunity to develop an actual bot using ElectroNeek best of breed RPA tools.
  • You will learn the RPA implementation methodology specially designed by ElectroNeek experts, select the processes for automation, and drive an automation project based on the actual feedback gained from the clients. 
  • You will work on ElectroNeek's cutting-edge RPA products– Studio Pro, Saas Orchestrator, and Bot Runner. Not every RPA certification offers such an opportunity to work with RPA tools and learn how to pilot RPA in the organization. 
  • You will receive an ElectroNeek Academy certificate after completing your course and enjoy the benefits of being a member of our RPA community.
  • You can ask questions, communicate with other learners, and seek help from our experts on our online community.


The ElectroNeek online academy offers an in-depth training program and certification to teach the foundations of RPA and trains how to use its platform and tools to get the full advantage. So the professionals can confidently use their RPA skills in their careers.

The process to get started is simple– create and verify your account, complete your profile, choose the courses, finish the training, and get the certificate.

So, are you ready to get your first certification from ElectroNeek Academy? Then create an account now!

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