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Grow your RPA adoption through simple, unlimited scalability

Get started with Robotic Process Automation through easy, affordable deployment at any scale

For IT Teams

Build bots in a no-code/ low-code environment or leverage professional RPA features for experienced developers

For IT Teams

Free RPA Bot Licenses

Take advantage of the most affordable RPA with free RPA bot licenses, for attended or unattended bots

Free RPA Bot Licenses


Accelerate the RPA adoption within your company or clients by developing a limitless amount of automations


Business case for RPA adoption with ElectroNeek

Other vendors

RPA Capability for $65k:

  • 2 developer seats
  • 3-5 unattended bots [$6-$10k each]
  • Orchestrator

Studio Pro

RPA Capability for $20k:

  • 2 developer seats
  • Any number of attended and unattended bots
  • Orchestrator

Let us walk you through how IT teams across the world are building their RPA capability with ElectroNeek

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for IT teams

Premium RPA development experience for faster adoption
  • Automate work on UI level in any desktop- or browser-based application or service with simple no-code/ low-code tools
  • Simple Chrome automation for myriads of Browser-based automation tasks. ElectroNeek bots work even when web UI elements change
  • Supercharged package of advanced features for professional RPA developers
The most affordable deployment and scalability​
  • Running RPA bots built with ElectroNeek Studio doesn’t require any commercial software (no bot licenses needed)
Easy start
  • Quick online training for new RPA developers
  • Instructor-led trainings options by vendor

The interface is efficient and intuitive. The support has been exceptional while getting started with the product. Our first proof of concept was easy to create and we worked through the full implementation confident that we’ve made a good choice with Electroneek.

Vice President of IT UFP Technologies, Inc.

Keith Cote

This product has a lot more features than what we had seen before. ElectroNeek can help to fill gaps and voids in every department by batching files, making copies and automating backups, etc.

Assistant Vice President, Technology Team Leader at Reliance Bank

Chris Barno

I use ElectroNeek for web scraping. It’s a very intuitive tool to bypass blacklisting. The platform is growing and improving very fast, more user friendly. You don’t need to be a JavaScript or Python developer to take full advantage of this platform.

Senior System Developer, Revature

Sam Narrainen

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