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ElectroNeek Recognized as a Top RPA Aspirant by Everest Group

The Everest Group’s PEAK Matrix RPA report recognized ElectroNeek as a ground-breaking top aspirant for the second consecutive year, signaling ElectroNeek as one of the prominent RPA leaders in the market.

ElectroNeek: globally recognized as a growing RPA vendor

The Everest Group’s PEAK Matrix report analysed the 22 global leading RPA vendors. ElectroNeek is the youngest RPA vendor to be named a leading aspirant for the second consecutive year, and is on the path to becoming one of the market’s major contenders and leaders. In addition to winning an aspirant position on the Everest PEAK Matrix, ElectroNeek was recently recognized as one of the top RPA leaders by G2, Capterra, and Gartner.

For the second year running, ElectroNeek has shown positive movement on the PEAK Matrix, and is gaining momentum towards becoming a top leader. This recognition displays the immense business growth and innovation that ElectroNeek achieved as one of the leading RPA vendors in the industry.

What is the Everest PEAK Matrix RPA report?

The Everest Group publishes the PEAK Matrix RPA report annually, offering an objective, data-based review of RPA technology services provided by different vendors, their capabilities, their process assessment for RPA, and their impact on global markets. 

The Everest report extensively describes top RPA technology providers, their locations, the products, and solutions within a task, workflow, or industry. Every Everest RPA report uses a peak matrix, which divides the RPA companies into three categories: leaders, major contenders, and aspirants. 

RPA market overview in 2021

The Robotic Process Automation market continuously evolves at a fast pace to assist businesses in meeting the growing demands of customers. The global RPA market in 2020 was valued at 1.57 billion dollars, and will reach 2 billion this year. With a forecasted annual growth rate of 32.8% (2021-2028). Additionally, RPA technology will grow to integrate with cognitive technologies, furthering RPA’s potential as business workflows evolve  in companies worldwide in the years to come.

ElectroNeek’s unique RPA ecosystem for managed service providers

ElectroNeek’s innovative RPA business model allows MSPs and system integration partners to establish lasting relationships with their customers and deliver high-value automation solutions to grow their business exponentially. Additionally, our support team provides assistance with sales and marketing initiatives where needed.

Our RPA platform and unique ecosystem offer what MSPs value most: the ability to maximize their margins and overcome the difficult landscape that is the current competitive RPA industry. ElectroNeek allows MSPs to derive the most profits by removing bots licensing and end-client development tools costs. 

ElectroNeek’s core RPA tools include:

  • Studio Pro: An integrated development environment allowing clients to build limitless automated workflows and RPA bots.
  • Orchestrator: A control room for clients to manage all the RPA bots from a centralized location.
  • Bot Runner: A tool that allows users to have many attended and unattended RPA bots run simultaneously without purchasing a commercial software license.

ElectroNeek’s focus to help MSPs succeed offers a clear vision for innovation in the RPA industry: an ease of development and deployment of automation solutions.

Why ElectroNeek is the right vendor for you 

Our revolutionary RPA platform and solutions can help you evolve your MSP offerings through building processes and deploy them as an RPA-as-a-Service model with no additional licensing costs. 

Start your automation journey with ElectroNeek and explore the advanced features we offer.  Begin leveraging our bot library and automation tools today — our support team is available to give you a demo anytime.

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