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ElectroNeek Recognized Among the Top 101 IT Companies and Startups of 2021, a leading startup magazine that showcases the top American firms, businesses, and innovations, has featured ElectroNeek in its list of top 101 Top Information Technology Companies and Startups of 2021. 

What the list is about

This comprehensive list included San Francisco-based exceptional startups that are disrupting the Information Technology industry. The selection criteria were based on these firms and startups showing exceptional performance in terms of: 

  • An innovative idea, product, or route to market.
  • Extraordinary growth or growth strategy.
  • Management.
  • Societal impact. 

ElectroNeek is the only Robotic Process Automation (RPA) firm making its way into this list. The company has shown phenomenal growth of 400% in its software license revenues. It is the only RPA vendor focused on creating an ecosystem for managed service providers (MSPs) and building powerful RPA tools to enable them to serve their clients better.

Why ElectroNeek

ElectroNeek, a leading Robotic Automation platform, is more than a software vendor. The ElectroNeek team has worked with Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and businesses of all sizes as their strategic partner to support their digital transformation initiatives. ElectroNeek is the only RPA vendor offering free bot licenses making it easier for a company to adopt RPA without investing much. Plus, ElectroNeek allow them to scale RPA cost-efficiently as they can build and deploy an unlimited number of bots free of charge. 

ElectroNeek understands that RPA is a complex technology, and many businesses, especially SMBs, can't scale RPA internally by developing a competence (employees, governance, technology). ElectroNeek also understands that companies are delegating their IT services to MSPs because it is convenient for them in so many ways – improved cost management, compliance, IT skills, etc. Witnessing the migration of complex workloads resulting in the growing demand of MSPs, ElectroNeek has shifted its market focus from end-users to MSPs, who will create bots affordably for their clients. 

ElectroNeek is focusing on the big picture – empowering MSPs to improve their clients’ operational results that will contribute to sustainable business development as well as helping them to develop and deploy bots profitably and grow revenue.

The company has successfully raised a $20M Series A round of funding led by Baring Vostok Capital Partners, increasing the company value to $105M. ElectroNeek will utilize the new cash infusion to accelerate the adoption of RPA and bring more MSPs and businesses of all sizes to its hyper-automation ecosystem. The company is on a mission to help companies automate various processes and tasks to streamline the workflows and gain a competitive advantage with its affordable and easy-to-implement bots.

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