Productivity Analytics

Automatically analyze your team performance in business apps, discover what processes can be streamlined and increase productivity by more than 30%

Enterprises face a number of challenges when it comes to manual measuring of teams and business efficiency

Time-consuming tasks

The bigger a company the more tricky it becomes to measure the efficiency of hundreds of employees dispersed among multiple units and various roles

Human errors

Outsourcing your productivity measurement tasks may become costly especially when it comes to various teams with multiple functionality and complex KPIs

Low employee morale

Manual productivity analysis becomes less relevant over time which lead to the new time-consuming and costly assessments

Human factor

Face-to-face interviews and lengthy questionnaires is not always the best solution if you are striving to get the real business picture

We have a solution

Facilitate your performance measuring processes using automated Productivity Analytics tools by ElectroNeek
100s+ companies from Banking, Insurance, Accounting, Oil & Gas sectors have already enjoyed the results

What is Productivity Analytics?

A downloadable software which is installed on users’ computers during the work hours. It analyzes the patterns of repetitive actions, instantly identifies time-consuming processes and shows what percentage of time can be reused more efficiently

What you can track with Productivity Analytics Dashboards
  • Most time consuming apps
    What applications your employees spend most time in
  • Most time consuming websites
    What websites your employees spend most time on
  • Active and passive time
    Active and passive time of your employees, average work start and end time, the time spent on routine activities
  • Routine dynamics by day
    The dynamics of potentially productive time, i.e. the time of employees that can be used more efficiently than it has been used at the moment of analysis. It is calculated as the sum of potentially productive time of the employees and multiplied by 100%
  • Apps by category
    Number of apps used by employees in percentage/by category
  • Scope of routine tasks
    Employees with the lowest and highest scope of routine tasks
  • Potential cost savings
    Cost of work time, including active and passive work time
    Cost of time spent on repetitive tasks
  • Total time by category
    The analysis of the app categories that takes the most part of the work hours
Want to start getting performance insights?
Benefits of Productivity Analytics
Accuracy and Relevance of Analysis

Get accurate and relevant statistics, daily detailed insights on your team

Cost efficiency

Use cost saving tool instead of outsourcing your productivity measurement tasks

Accelerated and simplified process

Automated productivity analysis eliminates manual labour and significantly reduces time spent on performance analysis

How to start
Download ElectroNeek

Productivity Analytics to users computers

Invite the users from your team to download the tool

Set up the processes

Categorize apps and websites used, deploy bots to start analysing users daily routine

Get the analysis results

  • See the most-time consuming apps, websites, activities in the Productivity Analytics
  • See the increased productivity potential based on the share of repetitive actions, by user, by business apps and websites
  • See active and passive time of your teams

Get recommendations

See specific data-driven recommendations to prioritize increased productivity opportunities

Scale and start improving your team productivity

Check-in regularly with Productivity Analytics to track productivity gains and discover new opportunities as your business processes and IT infrastructure change

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What activities are considered inefficient?

The ones which require labour-intensive manual resources. They are usually of ‘copy-paste’ nature, take significant time and prevail in almost any industry:

In Finance and Accounting
  • Tracking losses and profits
  • Repetitive invoice processing tasks: dates, line items and other details manual fullfilment and reconciliations, totals calculation
  • Manual recognition and extraction of data from use intuitive data extraction tools for both structured and unstructured receipts of different sizes and layouts
In Taxes
  • Sorting tax forms and checking bank data
  • Tax documents uploading and recognition
  • Manual extraction of data from the systems and categorization
  • Tax bills processing, ensuring correctness and requesting checks
In Insurance
  • Manual processing of insurance claims
  • Crime and car incidents manual checks
  • Recognition of various IDs and passports, as well as other official identity documents
  • Extraction of data (nationality, date of birth, expiry date, etc.) and processing dependant on the business needs
In Banking
  • Recognition and extraction of data from PDF bank statements
  • Parsing the transactions’ data
  • Daily reporting
  • Phone and email standardised communication
In Call Centers
  • Updating a client data manually: inputting, then copy-and-pasting the data across multiple CRMs
  • Notes taking and scripts summarizing
  • Collecting agents data for weekly, monthly and quarterly reports
How it works
Productivity Analytics metrics are visualized by dashboards and tables
which allows you to see the full picture by means of illustrative graphics
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Analyze and discover

Use ElectroNeek bots within Productivity Analytics to analyze users interaction with various software, discover repetitive tasks, Define which activities are the most time-consuming


Design automated workflows with ElectroNee Studio IDE capable of imitating any human repetitive activities, use Documents Hub to facilitate documents processing activities



Launch automation for any inefficient repetitive tasks. Scale at no cost using unlimited bots by ElectroNeek licensing model

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