and Sage partner
to make automation more affordable
for accounting professionals

Accounting and finance shape the core of any business.

ElectroNeek recognizes the importance of timing and accuracy of accounting workflow for providing exceptional client service and stakeholder engagement, so we partnered with Sage to provide the easiest-to-use automation solution for both IT and business users. ElectroNeek is an effective end-to-end automation platform for accounting professionals who strive for the perfection of their work and aim for the business market dominance.

This partnership allows us to serve accountants and their clients in providing the best in the breed for Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Allowing better data integrity and freeing up valuable time for accountants to serve their clients on advisory services, which is what they need most right now.

Rafael Casas
Sr. Accountant Advocate at Sage

Exclusive 10% discount

As part of the partnership, ElectroNeek is named preferred Robotic Process Automation vendor for Sage Accountants Network members who will receive sample bots for tedious tasks and an exclusive 10% discount on all pricing plans.
Sage 20 for 20 Program

Your chance to get ElectroNeek Studio Pro and Orchestrator for free

Sage 20 for 20 Program is designed for accounting firms and professionals who want to grow their client base and stay up to date with the latest technology through digital resources and tech expertise provided by Sage and its partners.


As one of the Program sponsors and following its mission to drive innovation across the accounting profession, ElectroNeek is happy to provide the program members with Studio Pro and Orchestrator licenses free of charge.
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