Automation with Desktop Clicker.

Hand over routine tasks to ElectroNeek Desktop Clicker.

Let your employees work on exciting tasks leaving filling forms/clicking buttons automated.

Create your own Software Robots to help your team work more efficiently.

Desktop Clicker allows you to automate tasks regardless of the complexity and number of used systems/platforms.

ElectroNeek RPA bots copy employee’s actions in desktop applications, letting your assignments run without mistakes 24/7.

What is ElectroNeek Desktop Clicker?

A desktop clicker is a tool that allows you to automate repetitive yet straightforward action of clicking on the buttons. 

Where can the Desktop Clicker be used?

  • Automatically log into client banks and download necessary papers
  • Automatic printing of certain types of documents in which automation is not provided, due to an outdated interface or the absence of linker modules.
  • Running complex scheduled administrative scripts, including the automatic creation of backups with conditions.
  • Presentation development of software features or developer tips for people conducting presentations.
  • Automatically fill in MS Word and Excel document templates without VBA skills.
  • Partial or complete replacement of the manual labor of operators to enter information stored in different places of the interface of information systems.

ElectroNeek is compatible with:

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