The only one automation platform that seamlessly connects desktop and SaaS apps

Get the benefits of both Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and SaaS Orchestration at only $250/month


Here are a few reasons why you should choose electroNeek vs alternatives

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Office workers performing repetitive tasks


(can complete 30-minute task in 30 seconds)

Often overloaded with routine repetitive tasks

Doesn't Do Mistakes

Prone to human error

Doesn’t take time off

Appreciate having more time for analytical tasks


Deploys in days not weeks, connects any apps

Takes much more time to develop, connects only apps with APIs

Flexible workflows that are easy to modify and re-use

Once programmed, costly to modify

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Abundance of implementation talent – advanced functions require only basic JavaScript knowledge

Costly implementation talent and longer deployment cycles (Python, C++, etc.)

Affordable even for small and medium size companies

Business model for large corporations

SaaS orchestration

Automates tasks that involve actions in both desktop and/or in cloud

Automates only cloud tasks but not desktop

Accepts workflow logic of any complexity

Basic workflow logic limits applicable use cases

Why clients love electroNeek?

Because electroNeek helps people spend more time on what matters, leaving the routine tasks automated

For employees, it’s a happier life:

  • More time for analytical tasks
  • Less room for mistakes
  • Greater impact at work

For employers, it’s increased employee productivity:

  • Complete business tasks faster
  • Increase business efficiency and operations margin
  • Avoid business mistakes due to the “human factor”

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