Why ElectroNeek RPA?

Build Robotic Process Automation workflows
that don’t require an RPA bot license

RPA bot license is a business model term invented by RPA vendors to charge their clients a second time while they have already paid for the ability to build workflows. Such vendors as UiPath, Automation Anywhere and others will charge end users for running their first workflow and for each workflow they want to run independently and concurrently. 

Moreover, if you want to schedule bots or run them in the background, with many vendors you would need to pay even more for special types of ‘bot licenses’ – unattended bots. These licensing complexities are not developer- or client-friendly, and drive down ROI on many automation projects. 

ElectroNeek model: build workflows in ElectroNeek studio and run them anywhere free of charge. Build as many workflows as you want, paying only for developers who use ElectroNeek studios to create. No such term as ’bot license’ or ‘attended/unattended bots’.

Developer UX:
Why RPA developers choose ElectroNeek Studio

Stability and adaptivity

Workflows adaptive to changes in GUI element properties

Best Developer Experience

The same functionality, better UX for developers

Best speed of development

50% faster workflow development, benchmarked against UiPath

Simple workflow scheduling

Built-in local scheduling, no need for Orchestrator for local tasks

Quick training

Free Online Academy, Community forum and Knowledge base

Business model that favors developers

Pay only for using Studio IDE

Develop and share hundreds of workflows.

Deploy and run workflows free of charge

End users don’t need to acquire any licenses to benefit from automations.

Workflows are yours, forever

Even if you stop using Studio, workflows remain fully executable on all machines.

Scale at no cost

We want you to build many workflows so there is no difference for Studio users how many of the workflows they made are being run now.

Why ElectroNeek is the best vendor for RPA-as-a-Service

RPA-as-a-Service from Azure or other cloud is the fastest and the most flexible way for many clients to harness the benefits of ElectroNeek. With other RPA vendors, Professional Service firms need to pay for each process they deliver with RPA-as-a-Service concurrently, e.g. more business they sell to clients, more they need to pay to the vendor for bot licensing. Not with ElectroNeek – build workflows in Studio and deploy them as RPA-as-a-Service at no cost.

Are you ready for the next step?

Enjoy the best developers UX, stability/adaptivity and save with ElectroNeek