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Advancing Customer Experience w/ RPA Is More Beneficial than You Think

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For all companies working with clients, it is essential not only to provide high-quality products or services but to create a perfect experience for a customer for him/her/them to come back and share the story with others. In the age of an overwhelming amount of information and the number of competitors, the connection you build with clients is crucial.

A recent study of Forrester showed that customer service leaders use RPA to achieve these 4 goals:

  • They standardize business processes to find more time for customers. RPA automates office routine tasks on PC and SaaS apps within rules-based processes. This includes filling forms, extracting and loading data from different apps or scanned documents (using OCR), creating reports, and structuring databases.
    This makes managers' actions more consistent and effective. Return on investment (ROI) is easy to quantify, as brands know what every second of their employees' time costs.
  • They raise employees' confidence so that they can better nurture clients. RPA automates repetitive, routine tasks that interfere with fundamental managers or bank officer's assignments such as document check, call notes, and data entry. RPA allows these specialists to focus on adding customer value, solving customer problems, and establishing customer relationships.
  • They speed up the manager's work to improve customer experiences. RPA bots can perform tasks up to five times faster than humans, streamlining data capture, document recognition processes, and enhancing handle times and service-level agreements.
  • They become more flexible to better align with customer expectations. RPA reduces manual errors, which leads to faster and more accurate data for corporate use. RPA bots also interact with legacy systems to uncover data that was previously too time-consuming to extract. This lets businesses manage broader and more reliable data sets to reveal new insights.

Look For Common Tasks To Automate Within Processes

Regardless of a company’s size, industry or software exposure, RPA tools add value by increased accuracy, speed, and flexibility. The automation of routine tasks relieves workers of time-consuming and low-value assignments so that they can focus on more significant tasks and communication with clients. When it comes to choosing which processes to automate with RPA, it’s vital to remember that it has to be balanced between humans and RPA so that people can fulfill their potential without getting burnt out.

ElectroNeek can help your company to save valuable time spent on routine desktop and browser tasks. You can build programmed robots to automatically extract and interpret information from business documents (e.g. invoices or purchase orders).

Moreover, it works with Desktop and SaaS applications (e.g. Salesforce), processing data, filling out forms, or creating a custom report. All actions in ElectroNeek don't interfere with your current IT infrastructure.

It also can move the data between any desktop or cloud app, following instructions. With ElectroNeek, you are not required to have IT skills to build simple bots (e.g. creating a report or sending personalized emails to a list of co-workers or customers).

To learn more about ElectroNeek RPA and its capabilities to improve your customer experience, enroll in a free trial. Create an account, invite your colleagues to the digital version of your organization and start analyzing your workflows.

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