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RPA 101: Which processes to automate while working remotely?

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If you're considering the implementation of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) into your workflow with fully remote team, either because of the current COVID-19 pandemic or any other reasons - we are here to support you.

Here, at ElectroNeek, we have a global team of automation experts and other professionals working remotely from day one, so we are used to automated processes like filling online forms and reports. But for those of you who were forced to move to home-offices it is important to use all resources you have to keep productivity levels as high as possible. RPA is one of the ways to perform a regular (or even higher) number of business processes while employees are adapting to new realities.

In one of earlier #RPA101 articles we discussed Which processes to automate? and here's a little guideline from it.

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Which processes to automate while working remotely

1. Processing invoices

Invoice processing is an essential part of any business that often carries many challenges including the disparate formats in which vendors can submit the invoices: paper copy, email, fax, PDF, MS Word, etc. forcing accountants to manually transfer data into the unified financial database system the company uses, which makes it a time consuming and error prone task.

RPA swiftly processes invoices upon receipt, whether they arrive electronically or printed (using Optical Character Recognition). The software robots can automate the data input, error reconciliation, and even process certain decision-making required throughout the invoice processing, which minimizes the need for human intervention. It also won’t ever lose track of a form or make a calculation error reducing at the same time the need for exception handling.

The overall process typically can be performed end-to-end from receipt to payment in a matter of minutes.

2. Sales Orders

Sales operations are a crucial part of any business, which includes rule-based, repetitive tasks like data entries into CRM systems, ERP accounting updates, etc. 

Ensuring data consistency across all corporate systems is not an easy task, so sales representatives often need to spend significant amount of time entering data to the CRM and ERP systems, other apps that connects in between and then finance and accounting managers would potentially have to replicate the data and enter it in another system or module. The number of systems used in this business process and people involved create opportunities for data duplication, errors and hinder staff productivity. 

Software robots perform the sales operational activities from end-to-end without any mistakes, automating tasks such as sales order entry, invoicing, etc. It helps maintain a clean database, improve customer experience, and increase your sales employees' satisfaction by removing all routine tasks that take too much of their working time from their main goal - connecting and nurturing clients. 

3. More ideas for RPA implementation

For more examples of business processes that can be automated in a few weeks and last you forever reach out to our automation experts for personal discussion.

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