‘RPA 101’: What is Web Scraper?

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    Web scraper is a tool that allows users to extract data from different websites. The collected information is exported into a more convenient format for users, such as a spreadsheet. Web scraping plays an integral part in many business workflows that require the management of a large amount of external data.

    Often people perform web scraping manually, spending hours and hours on the monotonous, repetitive activity that might lead to simple errors made because of ‘human factor’ (tiredness, boredom, etc.). Thus, automating web scraping allows companies to extract data much more efficiently and redistribute humans to more ROI-driven and crucial business tasks.

    How do Web Scrapers work?

    The whole process of scraping data from numerous sources is a simple algorithm that must be tailored to each company’s goals and business requirements. Generally, there are three steps:

    What can Web Scrapers be used for?

    There are numerous different ways in which web scrapers can be used in business processes in almost every department from sales and marketing to accounting and finance. We’ve put together a list of the most common web scraper use cases for you to understand its capabilities.

    The opportunities to successfully implement web scraper in your daily work are almost endless. Such tools can help you and your team dig deeper into particular topics and get insightful information that can be used both for strategic planning and short-term assignments.

    Conclusively, the scalability of an effective web scraping tool ensures the parameters of your business process can be met precisely. Product analysts can inform their colleagues about upcoming trends based on received insights, meanwhile, investors time their stock positions and research teams find crucial market insights that form new competitive advantages, all because of the web scraping implementation as a fundamental part of daily workflow.

    What happens after you scrape the data?

    Web scraping is a useful tool for professionals who deal with loads of data in the workplace. But what if you need to transfer extracted data to another system or application? This is another time-consuming process that can be automated with RPA. Robotic Process Automation elevates scraped data processing tasks which makes them a powerful combination for common business process automation.

    Why ElectroNeek web scraping tool:

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