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ElectroNeek Wins Latin America and India Markets: Results of Summer 2021 Expansion

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With a significant year of business growth for managed service providers (MSPs) completed, leading robotic process automation (RPA) vendor ElectroNeek is continuing that trend of growth with a successful launch into two new regions: Latin America (LatAM) and India. 

Entering these two key regions allows local MSPs to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace by leveraging ElectroNeek’s industry-leading partner success tools designed specifically for MSPs to grow their RPA revenue. These partner success tools combine the business and technical expertise of ElectroNeek specialists with an innovative RPA ecosystem (including tools such as Studio Pro, Bot Runner, and SaaS Orchestrator) to equip MSPs with the required knowledge to win in their markets with affordable and scalable automation solutions.

Since launching into these regions in the summer of 2021, ElectroNeek has formed 10+ partnerships in LatAM with MSPs in Mexico, Brazil, and Chile to bring next-gen automation solutions to local businesses. Key partners include Compasso, a significant player in the Brazilian MSP space serving 50 of the largest companies in Brazil, and Auditar, a Chilean tech firm that successfully leveraged ElectroNeek bots to minimize standard ERP processes from weeks to days. 

Similarly in India, ElectroNeek has partnered with established MSPs such as Digital Leaf and Valenta BPO to provide business and technical expertise and support designed to bring affordable RPA solutions to businesses across the region. 

“ElectroNeek’s multi-regional strategy is key to the success of our company as a whole. We are proud to bring our innovative RPA ecosystem and industry-leading partner success tools to MSPs in Latin America and India. 

Our expansion into both regions has been met with tremendous success. Typically, the average time to revenue for US-based companies in both regions is 12 to 18 months. ElectroNeek accomplished that feat in just four months, with both markets already generating revenue through our successful partnerships. 

We are committed to providing continued investment in these key regions with the growing diversity of our team based on the needs of each market.”

Sergey Yudovskiy, Co-founder & CEO, ElectroNeek 

ElectroNeek’s Latin America and India Partner Success Teams

To best support our partners’ growth in these two regions, ElectroNeek has heavily invested in dedicated partner success teams for both LatAm and India. These teams include local heads of partner success who have specific expertise in providing support for MSPs in each region, along with dedicated outbound, onboarding, and customer support teams. 

The opportunity for RPA solutions in LatAm and India is clear, with each region expected to grow at a CAGR rate of 36.2% (2019 - 2027) and 20% (2019 - 2025) respectively. ElectroNeek views both regions as a vital piece of ElectroNeek’s future growth and success, and is heavily invested in providing MSPs with a proactive approach to disrupting their markets with innovative RPA solutions. 

Take your MSP to the next level with ElectroNeek’s Global Partner Success Program

ElectroNeek’s core business model centers around the ElectroNeek Global Partner Success Program. By combining our product ecosystem with the sales and marketing tools required to generate revenue in the RPA marketplace, ElectroNeek shatters the traditional mold of a vendor partnership program. 

Designed for MSPs of all sizes, automation boutiques, and system integrators eager to enter the RPA marketplace, the ElectroNeek Global Partner Success Program helps local RPA leaders translate their RPA investments into wins and strategic growth opportunities. Our partner success teams help partners align and achieve their RPA goals by providing the business development tools required to find success in the market. 

With dedicated partner success teams in both LatAm and India, the ElectroNeek Global Partner Success Program provides MSPs in each region with global knowledge combined with local expertise to win in the market. Our partner success teams aim to help you drive high profits through a robust product lineup, joint business and technical initiatives, and free bot licenses all designed to provide your end-clients with affordable and scalable RPA solutions. 

ElectroNeek’s focus on MSP partner success sets a new standard for RPA vendors in the LatAm and India market, symbolizing ElectroNeek’s commitment toward MSPs of all sizes with easy to develop and easy to deploy RPA tools and business development strategies. 

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At ElectroNeek, we understand that there is no one solution for every client’s RPA requirements. We customize our solutions to your business needs to ensure your success. To learn more about how a partnership with ElectroNeek benefits your business, contact one of our sales representatives or book a free demo

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