Auditar minimized the implementation time for standard ERP processes from weeks to a few days by using ElectroNeek bots


Auditar leveraged ElectroNeek’s bots to get the information from external data sources, orchestrate, and integrate the embedded functions with their internal development. By doing so they minimized the implementation time for standard ERP processes from weeks to a few days.

About Auditar

Auditar is a tech company that emphasizes searching for innovative solutions that add value to its clients. The firm’s main aim is to accelerate their clients’ digital transformation and process automation by implementing cutting-edge technologies with specialized human teams combined with performance improvement of their clients and their workforce.

The company develops and automates activities and tasks related to different ERPs such as Dynamics, SAP, QAD, or any other system used by clients.

The solution development was made on a PC with Windows 10 installing ElectroNeek Studio and Robot. For RPA automation, the company needed additional packages to handle and run their code to automate SAP activities. Additionally, SAP GUI 750 was required as well.

The following are a few other areas they also automate: 

  • Operational procedures.
  • Financial functions.
  • Logistics

Above all, the primary function is implementing robots that perform all the above functions anonymously.

Customer challenges

The Auditar customers spent a considerable amount of time manually updating and downloading the information from SAP. Also, the integration and information from external systems and websites was a time-consuming process for them. A few of the main problems clients faced in manually working with SAP included:


  • It is costly.
  • Requires highly specialized employees.
  • The process implementation time is very long and complex.
  • A new version of SAP comes out every six months.
ElectroNeek Digital Workforce in Action

ElectroNeek helped Auditar deploy automation solutions in a short amount of time through powerful embedded functions and absolute flexibility with the possibility of executing JavaScript and Python code seamlessly. 

A few primary differentiating factors that got Auditar to choose ElectroNeek include:

  • Free execution robot license.
  • Stable platform, good functionalities, continuous and fast upgrades.
  • The possibility of integrating and running in real-time.
Benefits of Automation:
  • Uditar leverage RPA
  • Increased stability of the automation solutions
  • Enhanced flexibility and ability to make adaptive changes in real-time.
  • Reduced effort and expenditure for clients.

The clients of Auditar feel the automation solutions offered are stable and run smoothly. The good outcomes clients noticed were immense, from faster implementation times to reducing costs and efforts that allowed the company to grow. 


The key selling point for Auditar was the ability of the RPA solution to allow clients the flexibility in making adaptive modifications quickly with hurdles or added costs. Auditar is looking forward to growing further with ElectroNeek’s platform and support.

With increasing sales, the company projects a future ROI between 60k and 100K USD of sales in the next 12 months for the kind of RPA solutions offered.

ElectroNeek's platform was estimated to integrate SAP automation processes 2-3 times faster than any other RPA platform we’ve used before. Apart from that, ElectroNeek’s revolutionary pricing model is minimizing the deployment and running costs providing a competitive edge like no other RPA platform.
Juan Carrasco,
Partner Director at Auditar

💼 Company

  • Auditar

📒 Industry

  • RPA Consultancy

🌏 Headquarters

  • Chile

🤖 Bots

  • ERP and Web automation
  • Data management

💡 Features

  • Purchase Orders’ automation
  • Data processing
  • Microsoft Office automation

🚀 Automated software

  • SAP
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Word
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