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Spring ’22 Platform Release: Everything IT Service Provider or MSP Expect and Beyond 

Spring '22 Platform Updates Highlights

Today we make the new ElectroNeek Spring '22 platform release available, and we are excited to share all the powerful features and updates waiting for you. 

ElectroNeek, within Spring '22 platform release, continues delivering technological and business-oriented solutions for driving IT Service Provider's revenue and automation cases variability. 

This update influenced all sides of ElectroNeek users' experience based on the platform growth approach. This update presented a bunch of content renovation and educational path releases from RPA automation products to expanding business products and features. We can say that this update provided a 360° spectrum of improvements to our users. Let's dig deeper into the details, friends. 


Our philosophy is based on the partners' success, and we help them grow business and increase revenue. 

These changes aim to speed up everything to enhance the business of IT Service providers and MSPs. We are constantly working on the comfort of our customers, whether it's training, marketing, and sales consultations or joint work on complex cases – with ElectroNeek leaders. 

Team Lead

This outstanding product proved to be an effective tool that brings quality leads to our customers. Team Lead sets the groundwork for a one-stop shop for managing the automation business. 

Our partners have the unique opportunity to join the automated lead distribution system, select prospects, and control the progress of each lead processed during the sales cycle.

Electroneek image
Browse, "unlock" the leads, and schedule sales appointments. All data on the screenshot is fictional.

On top of that, the Team Lead allows MSPs to protect the RPA bots that they build in the ElectroNeek RPA ecosystem so that a third-party developer cannot modify a partner's bots. This addition supports partners that focus on providing RPA services using a subscription model. 

Team Lead helps MSPs grow monthly and annual recurring revenue from licensing their automation solutions built in the ElectroNeek ecosystem. 

User Account’s Billing Interface

We have many clients, and they purchase upgrades all the time. To speed up this process, we decided to make significant changes in the Billing and make it more functional, allowing our clients to buy products and update tiers faster. Now there is a Billing Tab where all the financial details become transparent and easily accessible at any time. 

Electroneek image
Billing Tab contains all the information about your current status

We also have plans to introduce Alice – an innovative manager based on AI technologies that would help our customers with all the operations. This virtual assistant would make your work with Billing Tab faster and more convenient. 

Electroneek image
Alice is already overseeing cookies on our website

With the latest update, users can get their current status details, list of products and add-ons, Success Manager contacts, and even send a new add-on request and request for the tier update by filling the form right in the tab.

Integrated Help Desk Interface

Time is money, and we want to save our customers time when facing some issues and when sending requests to the support team. No need to send an email. You can log in, fill in some fields, and send messages directly from the user-friendly system interface — easy and fast.

Customers have a separate page section on the account portal, where they can create and filter tickets in the list. The new system enables access to old tickets and the ability to see the status of your ticket.

Electroneek image
Integrated Help Desk Interface saves customer’s time and money 

All the support is available through one central system for everything related to ElectroNeek!

On top of that, managers can see the tickets created by employees, while employees see only their own. 


If you thought that our products were already significant enough to provide your clients with high-quality services – we have news for you! We added, even more, to help you get more clients and stable revenue streams.

Multiple Orchestrators Support

Our customers rapidly grow and expand their businesses. Starting from using Orchestrator for the various clients' projects, they now resell Orchestrators to the end-clients. This business initiative significantly raises the income and helps to cover more automation projects. 

Another option is to buy extra Orchestrators for the projects of the end clients within one MSP or IT Service Provider. 

We saw rising demand for this feature and implemented Multiple Orchestrators with full functionality and enhanced support. 

The ability to have multiple Orchestrators will be helpful for MSPs and IT Service providers, for which the separation of work environments of different clients is an important aspect. 

Electroneek image
This is how your Multiple Orchestrators interface looks like

This update allows users to switch between different Orchestrators easily. If you provide automation services to your partners – it would be an ideal solution – you will have a centralized control panel to manage all the clients' projects.

Orchestrator Tokens Improvements 

We enhanced the Bot Runner to Orchestrator connection mechanics and made it more secure for the business. 

This adjustment allows admins to control the status of all the Bot Runners and the action happening there. It is now transparent when Bot Runners become approved and when they don’t, and to which token they belong.

It means that the admin can manually approve the connection to abolish potential threats.

Zapier Integration Significant Improvements

Connection with Zapier allows the integration of ElectroNeek bots into the ecosystem of more than 1,000 SaaS apps. 

We revised the integration and mechanics of connection to Zapier. Now customers from all the business regions can easily connect using token access.

Studio Pro Light Theme Support

This feature was introduced earlier, and we received such positive feedback that we decided to show how impressive our Light Theme for Studio Pro is.

More and more of our users switch to the vivid view of the light mode screen.

Electroneek image
We can look at this forever. Try this feature today

Multiple launched bots management

Speed up your daily work processes with our new features!

Just imagine you have ten machines and receive the update notification. You start manually checking which machines need it, update some of them, and then your working day is over. As time passes, you forget which Bot Runners have been updated. With updated Orchestrator functionality, you can automatically check all the Bot Runners' status.

We introduce the whole range of updates to make your workflow more accessible. It includes the ability to copy the Bot Runner ID and the algorithm with one button and check the version of a specific Bot Runner to boost the debugging process in case of failure and quickly understand if the update is needed.

On top of that, you can check the last bot's status in one table instead of clicking through all of them. 

REST API Release

ElectroNeek API is an essential part of the ecosystem, which helps build all possible integrations with any third-party system. We have opened our API documentation, which brings enormous opportunities for all kinds of integrations anytime you need it.

We also made some adjustments to make the API work easier:

  • Displaying an error message for a particular run in the API – if the error occurs;
  • Placing your bot in the queue and don't wait if all the Bot Runners are busy;
  • Filtering Bot Runners by name directly in the query.


We welcome you onboard ElectroNeek Spacecraft, so sit back and fasten your seatbelts as we are about to take off to the RPA space!

You will explore the automation space with us in this mission, and discover the tools and skills to take your robotic process automation practice to the next level.

Learning Space

We created a new Product Training page for everyone interested in IT Service business growth and Hyperautomation tools. 

Electroneek image
ElectroNeek Product Training provides both the knowledge on how to grow business and make money with ElectroNeek and product training

Our updated Learning Space has three tracks and various courses:

  1. Business Growth Space for CEOs, Founders, Business Leaders. You will learn how to successfully launch, manage and scale the RPA practice by preparing your organization for the new ecosystem.
  2. IT Leader Tech Space for MSP’s IT leaders, RPA Project Managers, Heads of the IT Departments. This course is for you if you are an IT leader and want to explore the RPA industry and launch and scale your RPA practice from the IT perspective.
  3. ElectroNeek Automation space for RPA Developers, IT Developers, RPA Engineers. Exploring the Automation Space, you will open a universe of opportunities by gaining a ‘beginner to advanced level’ understanding of ElectroNeek and its products.

Community forum

Become a part of the global community of automation leaders! Our new Community Forum is a perfect place where you can post questions, report technical challenges, suggest ideas for new features, discuss the ElectroNeek platform, and know about our latest activities like new videos or releases. 

Communities generate tangible value for the business – you can build a network of trusted partners and make higher profits by being a part of a relevant group of professionals. We carefully manage our Community Forum so that all the participants would find necessary information quickly and feel free to express their opinion.

Electroneek image
ElectroNeek Community Forum unites our partners and enhances communication between them

Hyperautomation Dictionary

The number and complexity of technologies needed for work constantly goes up. It is essential to be included in what is going on with new tools to offer them to end-clients.

Therefore we created new "What is" pages with handy and short information – so that you better understand new No-Code tools to service your SMB clients.

Our new "What is" pages reveal the significant points about RPA, OCR, AI, and iPaaS. They will help explain and sell hyperautomation tools through major advantages for your clients’ business.

Here are the examples of the pages:

  • What is RPA helps to find out how robotic process automation technology works and how it can help accelerate digital transformation.
  • What is OCR reveals the basics of OCR technology and its benefits for your clients' business.
  • What is AI tells how the technology works and what makes it a game-changer.
  • What is iPaaS help to learn how iPaaS fulfills your client’s integration needs without increasing IT costs.

YouTube Relaunch

We want to keep up with trends and create a lot of new content for our partners and their end-clients. We made a significant upgrade to our YouTube channel: you will find Workshops, Webinars, Platform Overviews and much more. 

Electroneek image
ElectroNeek YouTube Global Channel is your prime source of updates on HyperAutomation

You can always share the link to our educational content within your team or send it to your end-clients. Videos are available in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.


The industry is changing fast, and we are at the forefront of these changes. Our website is a valuable source of information and support for our partners and their end-clients.

Website Messages

Our website is the representation of our brand and market positioning. We are growing and expanding the business – today; and we are more than just an RPA-vendor. 

The change in positioning are reflected on our website. We changed the design to highlight our partner MSPs and IT Service providers. Now you can easily find information about start a hyperautomation business with us, success stories of existing partners, and ElectroNeek financial results of the year.

Moreover, you can explore the opportunities of ElectroNeek partnership and various great tools we provide to ensure you and your clients succeed – right from the main page.

About Us

The automation landscape is changing – there is a growing demand for automation in the SMB segment. We are the only vendor that provides MSPs with both business and tech products to win more share of the SMB market and win the competitive advantage. 

We became the only Hyperautomation platform for MSPs & IT Service Providers. Our customers and partners can offer their clients a wide range of tools to implement the automation solutions.

Portuguese Language

With the latest expansion to the LatAm region, we made changes to the official languages of the company. We speak Portuguese, apart from the already existing Spanish, which means you can easily access Customer Support and consume all the content within ElectroNeek Platform in these languages. 

Certified Partners Listing

We are very proud of our partners and their highly professional services. We created a separate section on the partners' page where everyone can find the contacts of our partners and reach them out to discuss the potential collaboration. This decision makes our partners more visible and helps to have even more leads.

If you need a partner to fulfill your clients' needs – in another region or with some other services that you don't provide, use a handy button "Match me with a partner." 

We plan to add opportunities to filter the partners for industries, business regions, and other criteria with further updates.


Security is an essential point of every business, especially if you are an IT Service provider and deal with clients' systems and data. We uphold the highest standards of data privacy and security as we know how important it is to keep the data secure. Our customers entrust sensitive data to us. Ensuring it's secure is our promise.

Security page

ElectroNeek uses a diverse set of manual and automatic data security and vulnerability checks at every stage of the software development lifecycle. We added a separate Security page where you can find all the necessary information and answers about our security assets for you and your clients.

On the Security page, we provide information about data encryption, protection, and authentication, MixPanel Analytical tool, Single Sign-On, our infrastructure, compliance, and disclosure policy. You can use this page to share the information with your clients or within the team.

SOC 2 Type II

ElectroNeek conducts regular penetration testing and security reviews, designed to be SOC2 compliant, and encrypts data that is resting and in transit – yours and your clients' businesses are under reliable protection.

In addition to SOC 2 TYPE I, we successfully passed an audit for SOC 2 TYPE II. The official audit report thoroughly reviews ElectroNeek's internal controls, policies, and processes for RPA services and tools provided.

The audit also reviews ElectroNeek's processes relating to risk management and sub-service (vendor) due diligence and the entire IT infrastructure, software development life cycle, change management, logical security, network security, physical & environmental security, and computer operations.

On the way to creating a better automation world

"ElectroNeek is committed to increasing global Hyperautomation adoption and building a robust international community and partnership for IT service providers and MSPs.

Our team focuses on helping our partners start and grow their businesses based on hyperautomation services for SMB and Enterprise markets.

Our next release is planned for summer this year. We will introduce a handful of features – stay tuned to get the important news". 

Sergey Yudovskiy, ​​Co-Founder & CEO, ElectroNeek

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