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Conquer the RPA Market with ElectroNeek's Winter ‘22 Platform Release

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ElectroNeek's Winter '22 platform release is a game-changer for IT service providers who are ready to start a highly scalable business in automation service

The ElectroNeek Winter ‘22 platform release delivers enhanced automation capabilities, a robust product training experience, and extensive business and marketing templates. The release includes the new Automation, Business, and Service Hub architecture, giving you everything you need to automate business processes and grow revenue.


Automation Hub: No-code tools make automation a snap!

Automation Hub provides no-code tools that enable users to automate their clients' business processes in a snap! The Automation Hub includes a free-to-download Bot Runner and unlimited bots for your clients. There are no additional charges for attended or unattended bots. 


Studio Pro empowers you to create automated workflows in a snap.

Bot Runner enables you to run an unlimited number of bots.

SaaS Orchestrator to manage all your automated workflows in one place.

Business Hub: Your virtual MBA in RPA! 

Business Hub is an essential resource for businesses looking to take their automation game to the next level, saving you time and effort.

Enhance your sales and marketing capabilities quickly and easily with a wide range of pre-made assets, templates, and tools. Shift from project-based to a subscription-based recurring revenue model with the right resources and training to transform your company.

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Campus offers in-depth learning experience to prepare you with everything you need to know to earn new business.

Wiki delivers all the sales and marketing collateral you need to jump-start and accelerate your business.

Reselling authorizes you to resell and provide free trials in just a few clicks for your clients.

Bootcamps offers Silver and Gold customers the exclusive opportunity to meet with our team to gain expert sales, marketing, and industry knowledge.

Service Hub: Technical support on-demand!

Service Hub is your window to our Knowledge Base and on-demand technical support when you need it! It includes a Community Forum where users can interact with other ElectroNeek users and collaborate with our experts for product inquiries. The Service Hub will also provide development support on your first RPA project to ensure its success for you as a new business in this segment. 

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Community Forum to start a discussion to get guidance from ElectroNeek members and experts, or share your insights with your peers.

Help Center to explore ElectroNeek’s platform, read how-to articles, FAQs, and get a sneak peek at upcoming releases.

Support Center: Get help with product inquiries, open and manage tickets, receive development support for your first RPA project, and suggest new product features to the product team.

ElectroNeek delivers the industry’s only IT Service Provider focused no-code automation platform. Build sustainable recurring revenue quickly with a robust product training experience, extensive business tools, and templates.

Automation Hub gives you no-code tools to build bots; Business Hub provides templates to help you grow recurring revenue; Service Hub provides on-demand technical support and Community Forum assistance.

Whether you are just starting your RPA journey or are an expert, ElectroNeek's platform will help you build a scalable business. 

Are you interested in learning more about this game-changing release? 

Book a call to discover how to leverage this significant market opportunity and start growing your business with the ElectroNeek platform.

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