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Automated Invoice Processing Ignites Efficiency


A fire and safety company dramatically reduced its time spent on invoice processing by deploying ElectroNeek RPA bots to automate the workflow.

End Client: FireCom/Pavion
Supplies leading-edge technology in advanced communication devices to the fire and rescue industry.
ElectroNeek Partner: Roth Automation
A leader in the field of Intelligent Process Automation related to documents, data, and artificial intelligence. The IT Service Provider creates tailored solutions empowering its clients to excel while promoting innovative, forward-thinking, cutting-edge solutions.
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Fire Safery
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Invoice Processing
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North America

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Modernizing Fire and Rescue Services to Enhance Security and Productivity

Fire and rescue services face many challenges in keeping their communities safe. With security being the number one priority on which these companies build their reputations, many operate with legacy systems. 

Legacy systems are particularly susceptible to cyber-attacks due to the lack of support from their manufacturers. Existing security vulnerabilities become more pronounced without regular updates and security patches, granting hackers more access to sensitive and essential information. 

Fire and rescue services must embrace modern mobile apps and RPA software platforms to manage better and act on the influx of information they receive.

Client Challenges

Manual Invoice Processing Causes Operational Slowdowns

Automation helps fire and rescue communication businesses improve their services and solutions by eliminating operational slowdowns with manual tasks related to billing.

FIRECOM’s employees were spending significant time processing invoices for billing and collections. Each group of accounts had a dedicated billing and collection staff. The staff manually extracted invoice data from a database, matching it against the respective customer service contract, entering billing, attaching the file to email, and dispersing it to each customer. 

This process typically took each account group over 30 days to complete, so the collections process was usually behind schedule. 

Though RPA maximizes productivity across all market segments, many businesses are unfamiliar with the technology, and the fire and safety company was concerned about transmitting confidential data into the cloud.

Path to Success

Leveraged ElectroNeek’s Platform to Deliver Efficient Invoice Processing

Roth Automation utilized ElectroNeek RPA software for its client, FIRECOM, to streamline invoice processing. The rule-based process was perfect for using bots to follow the steps instead of a person.  

  • To start the process, a finance application (from a legacy AS/400 app) produces PDF files that contain all the invoicing for each specific account group. A respective collections team supports each account group. 
  • The ElectroNeek bot completes the following steps: 
  • The RPA bot extracts each invoice to a separate file and reads the PDF data to be matched against the service contract database to determine which invoices must be mailed. 
  • It reads the service contract file (downloaded from a finance application (infor) to an excel file.  
  • From there, the automation bot matches the invoice data from step 2 to the data found and produces an execution plan for the matched invoices based on predetermined criteria.  
  • Next, the invoices are emailed to the email addresses in the service contract file (including CCs). 
  • The email includes a customized subject line, the attached invoice, and personalized signatures (the manager for that account).  
  • Finally, an email is sent to financial managers containing a summary of the entire billing process.
  • The bot saves a copy of each email in a “completed” folder, organized by billing date and account manager, for easy reference.
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Automated Invoice Processing, Saves Hundreds of Hours

This automation process is relatively simple but has significant returns. 

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This led to vastly improved cash flows because the manual process delayed invoicing until later in the month. 

FIRECOM saved approximately six people/month ($50,000) of manual effort annually. Overall, there’s a dramatic improvement in terms of accuracy and timeliness.

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Roth Automation was able to restructure a tedious and manual workflow. It took over 30 days per month to complete and distribute billing. The newly engineered workflow has successfully saved 11 days per month. As a result, FIRECOM has collected billing earlier than ever in its finance history. The team adeptly had this in production in less than two weeks.

Director of Collections, FIRECOM

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