Beluga automated IT onboarding process
with ElectroNeek


Beluga IT team reduced the employee IT onboarding process cost by 60% using ElectroNeek bots for employees corporate accounts setup and software installation automation.

Beluga Group is the largest alcohol company in Russia, a major producer of vodka and distilled beverages, and one of the key importers of strong spirits in Russia.Founded in 1999, Beluga has a strong presence globally and distributes its products to 80 countries continents, has representative offices in the USA, EU, Great Britain, Australia, and many other countries.
IT department employees in Beluga Group spent a huge amount of time setting up a workstation for employees and installing software, drivers, and setting up OS in their IT infrastructure.

Automation resulted in reducing the IT onboarding cost by 60% by enabling an average IT team to onboard 6 new employees per day instead of 1

Within the automation process, a bot built the list of relevant software, drivers, and OS. It set up the mail service and corporate accounts, and executed tasks required to configure workstation parameters.
Benefits of automation:

Bottlenecks in the employee onboarding process reduced by 40%


The onboarding process cost reduced by 60%

The results and plans
The automation of the IT onboarding process allowed Beluga’s IT team members to focus on system consistency, cybersecurity measures, and operational improvements. It also enhanced customer service, having strengthened client relations, and letting Beluga move forward on the global market. The company is going to extend automation across other functions and will keep working with ElectroNeek on these initiatives.
💼 Company
  • Beluga Group
📒 Industry
  • Liquors and beverages
🌏 Headquarters
  • Moscow, Russia
🤖 Bots
  • Employee onboarding
  • Corporate accounts setup
  • Software installation
  • Drivers installation
  • Windows setup
  • OS setup
💡 Features
  • Spreadsheets automation
  • Software automation
🚀 Automated software
  • Image Assistant
  • IBM Notes
  • IBM Office
  • PowerShell
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