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Roth Automation Delivers Improved Workflows for the Fire Safety Industry

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Fire Safety

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Invoice Processing

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North America


Founded in 2008, Roth Automation’s mission is to offer automation services to customers without burdening their budgets.

Roth Automation helps medium-sized businesses utilize automation technology to streamline their operations, saving them time and money.

Automation helps fire and rescue communication businesses improve the services and solutions they offer by eliminating operational slowdowns with manual tasks related to billing.


Leveraged ElectroNeek’s Platform to Deliver Efficient Invoice Processing

Roth Automation identified invoice processing as an ideal starting point for their initial automation solution offering.

Roth Automation utilized ElectroNeek RPA for a client that needed to process invoices. This client had three employees spending several hours per day producing and sending invoices. This was not only inefficient, but also increased the likelihood for manual error.

Roth proposed a fully automated invoicing process built with ElectroNeek software bots to eliminate hundreds of hours of manual work.


Dramatic Results for Secure Operational Efficiency

The fire and rescue company recognized the value of automated invoice processing, but they were concerned about transmitting confidential data into the cloud.

Roth Automation built an on-premises solution to keep their data in house. Instead of hundreds of hours every month, they reduced the client's invoice processing to a fraction of the time.

As a result, they saved 12 days a month, allowing employees to focus on more valuable tasks. In addition, this significantly improved their cash flow.

I recommend IT service entrepreneurs connect with ElectroNeek to build a subscription model and grow with a close client relationship.”
Jonathan Roth
CEO & President of Roth Automation
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