BDO Unicon Group has accelerated the timesheet creation process for 150+ client databases and reduced the operational cycle by 70%


With ElectroNeek bots, BDO Unicon Group has accelerated the timesheet creation process for their client databases and reduced the operational cycle by 70%. Now the entire timesheet creation process and reporting cycle takes only 7 hours for 150+ databases, instead of several days when done manually.



BDO is a global accounting network. The company is headquartered in Chicago and was founded in 1973.

Today, BDO has more than 60 offices and more than 400 independent Alliance firm locations nationwide.

During its 48 years of history, BDO International has grown to become the fifth-largest accounting and consulting network in the world with over 1,591 Member Firm offices in 167 countries.

BDO Unicon Group, a client of ElectroNeek, is a member of BDO uniting independent audit and consulting firms in 167 countries and is ranked among the top international audit and consultancy networks in terms of revenue.


At the middle of each month, the operations management team at BDO Unicon Group (Europe) fulfills timesheets for over 150 client databases. Employees manually log in to the relevant database in the accounting system, set the relevant date and document number, save the newly created document into the relevant local folder, and email the stakeholders that the timesheet has been created. When done manually, this task takes over from 30 minutes to hours to complete, depending on the database.


ElectroNeek Digital Workforce in Action

ElectroNeek bots automate the timesheet creation process. The process of logging in to the relevant accounting system, setting up the date and document number, storing the timesheet, and timely notification of the employees now takes from 3 to 20 minutes ,depending on the scope of data in the specific database. Even for bots that execute such tasks, rapidly managing all 150+ databases takes 7 hours. Thus, for employees, such automation means saving an enormous amount of time.


ElectroNeek bots accelerate the timesheet management process by 70% and reduce the risk of data inconsistencies to 0

Benefits of automation:

Accelerated timesheet management leads to increased productivity of the team members


Due to the significant reduction in manual activities, the BDO team gains the opportunity to switch to more value-added strategic tasks


Automation results in operational consistency and enhanced customer service

The results and plans

The automation of the timesheet creation process has paved the way for other automation initiatives across the organization. The company management plans to automate at least 2 more jobs within collaboration with ElectroNeek.

💼 Company

  • BDO Unicon Group

📒 Industry

  • Audit and consulting

🌏 Headquarters

  • Europe

🤖 Bots

  • Data management 
  • Timesheet creation management
  • Email management

💡 Features

  • ERP automation

🚀 Automated software

  • 1С:Payroll and HR Management 8
  • MS Excel
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