Digital Leaf:
From ERP solutions provider to RPA rockstar

Introducing the next-gen RPA platform

Dave Pala’s journey to RPA as an IT entrepreneur is the result of nearly two decades of experience in the industry. Dave made his career in IT in process improvement, and describes RPA as the natural conclusion of a three stage journey that began with basic process improvements through his work with companies like SAGE, to the realization that intelligent technology could replace the need to rely on human resources, to the discovery of RPA and the formation of Digital Leaf Solutions.

Dave began experimenting with RPA in 2016 and 2017 when he realized what sort of positive impact automation could have while working in the SAGE ecosystem. As a mid-sized enterprise resource planning (ERP) software vendor for predominantly manufacturing and retail industries, Dave noticed that approximately 40 to 50% of SAGE activities happening in ERP systems were manual. This meant that employees would spend nearly four to five hours a day on tasks that involved receiving an email, reading the attached PDF, and then copying the relevant information into SAGE databases.

While working through various process improvement projects, Dave and his colleagues recognized that RPA could be the most impactful tool for improving the efficiency of completing these tasks. These discoveries triggered the thought of Digital Leaf Solutions, which was founded in 2020 with Dave as the CEO. Digital Leaf is based in Hyderabad, India, and serves businesses with automation solutions across the globe.

Introducing the next-gen RPA platform

Located in Hyderabad, India, Digital Leaf serves clients across the globe.

With Digital Leaf launching off the ground, Dave searched the entire RPA market, tinkering with each available RPA platform to discover the best fit for his young MSP. However, after researching platforms such as UiPath, Automation Anywhere, and Blue Prism, Dave and his team were skeptical of the benefits. With a target audience of small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), Dave realized that Digital Leaf didn’t need to spend on each bot license, and sought a partner that could provide that pricing flexibility.

His search led him to a fellow SAGE ecosystem member, ElectroNeek. At the time, ElectroNeek was partnered with SAGE’s accounting solutions, which gave Dave insight into how ElectroNeek operated — and what it offered — compared to the traditional vendors out there. ElectroNeek’s unique subscription-based pricing model and business strategy was perfect for an RPA entrepreneur and young managed service provider like Digital Leaf.

In ElectroNeek, Digital Leaf found a partner to tackle the SMB market with, signing a partnership in summer 2020. From the start, Dave bought the Beginner partnership tier that was available at the time — a package that only included ElectroNeek software products — and through this original partnership, Dave began to learn the ElectroNeek ecosystem.

Introducing the next-gen RPA platform

One of the first ElectroNeek bots developed by Digital Leaf for Sage Quote to Cash Process.

On top of the RPA products provided, Dave met periodically with ElectroNeek’s Head of Product Development to discuss features of ElectroNeek’s RPA tools, providing insight and feedback into the growth of the platform as Digital Leaf completed automation projects utilizing these tools. This collaboration ultimately allowed Digital Leaf to create faster-to-develop and scalable RPA solutions for their clients.

While meeting with the different ElectroNeek business units, Dave understood that true partnership and growth are possible on higher partner tiers. Upon the launch of the ElectroNeek Global Partnership Success Program, Dave immediately bought into the Bronze tier. As a Bronze tier partner, Digital Leaf started actively working with leads and leveraging additional business support from ElectroNeek.

Digital Leaf took advantage of the extended business support that ElectroNeek provides MSPs. Dave and his team had the freedom to choose the number of licenses and create subscription-pricing models to suit his clients’ needs. Collaborating alongside ElectroNeek’s Chief Innovation Officer and Chief Business Development Officer (two of the RPA vendor’s Co-Founders), Digital Leaf developed the business strategy that best suited its growth objectives.

For a young company like Digital Leaf, without the burden of having to define their pricing models for RPA solutions, Digital Leaf was able to focus on the actual automation projects themselves.

In the first three months as an ElectroNeek partner, Digital Leaf…

  • Collaborated with ElectroNeek CIO and CBDO to best utilize the subscription pricing model for SMBs, and create an RPA growth strategy for the young MSP.
  • Successfully onboarded with ElectroNeek and graduated from ElectroNeek’s Online Academy to earn quick and easy RPA certificates for a growing team of RPA developers.
  • Worked with ElectroNeek’s Head of Product Development to successfully optimize support and provide feedback on features requested by end-clients.

In the first six months as an ElectroNeek partner, Digital Leaf…

  • Experienced nearly 200% RPA-related revenue growth.
  • Achieved a 5x return on investment in the ElectroNeek Bronze partnership tier.
  • Closed 50% of the leads provided by ElectroNeek lead generation.
  • Closed 50% of the leads provided by ElectroNeek lead generation.
  • Scaled to a 12 member developer team, with eight trained ElectroNeek RPA developers.
*First three and six months began following Digital Leaf’s upgrade to Bronze partnership tier.

One of Digital Leaf’s first big wins with leveraging the ElectroNeek RPA ecosystem was an oil and gas customer. Digital Leaf closed a project with this client to automate their supplier invoice entry system, which included nearly 300 suppliers.

This project proved to be a gateway to even more automation projects. After the client saw the return on investment (approx. 300-350% ROI) from this one automation project, they became interested in automating even more processes.

Video of Digital Leaf leveraging an ElectroNeek bot to automate Sage Quote to Cash Process.

The success of this project is one of the reasons why Digital Leaf is moving so confidently into 2022 and beyond. Working with the oil and gas client provided Dave and his team with insight into developing optimized process automation. Moreover, Digital Leaf collaborated closely with ElectroNeek’s support teams during the project to solve any technical issues and optimize support.

The result of Digital Leaf’s partnership with ElectroNeek is a promising future for the young managed service provider. Heading into 2022, Digital Leaf is working with various SAGE ERP channel partners to bring automation projects to their clients. Dave and his team are also actively targeting new projects in utilities, healthcare, and retail industries from Australia and the United Kingdom.

Leveraging the ElectroNeek RPA ecosystem, Dave and Digital Leaf plan to bring RPA to SMBs clients who never imagined that automation could even be an option.

ElectroNeek’s license model is the best we have seen. Having worked in process improvement for 15+ years, we knew that RPA would have a huge impact on the way businesses operate. The model, along with the business support from ElectroNeek, allowed me to reach out to clients who were skeptical about RPA, to prove the use of the technology, and the ROI that can be found from leveraging it. ElectroNeek has changed the game completely.

Dave Pala

CEO and Founder, Digital Leaf Solutions